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Where to? How about the first train we can get?

The morning was strange, weather was not exactly in the mood to be sunny.

It was something in between, on the edge of raining.

And so we were, just hanging around our apartment, deciding what to do…

What about if we visit some place in Slovenia, that we haven’t visited yet. But which one?

I don’t know.

Idrija? Postojna?

How about we go somewhere with the train?

Hm…why not. But where?

Well is not like we have a lot of options. Either we end up in Koper, Novo Mesto, Maribor, Jesenice…where else?

ok…so……What if…we just go there and we choose when we get there, or we just go on the first one from the list.

… sounds good.

And so we went. Walked through the center, arrived to the train station…Of course I got distracted immediately…and took one photo.

In the meantime he was checking the board…I was checking it too. And said, oh what about Trieste?

Babe, you are checking arrivals. Here is the departure board.

OH. ok. My bad. Please don´t tell anyone. hehe.

Soooooo….where to, where to….

How about Maribor? It leaves 13:12.

What time is it? It’s 13.05.

Huh. Do you think we can make it?

:)))… hell yeah. Let’s go.

Two tickets to Maribor.

Return tickets. When does it return? …19.45…?

… prefect. Return tickets to Maribor.

And so we ran.

He even asked is this like a classical train story?

Of course our train station isn’t big, and there were only 2 trains there at the moment. So we arrived 3 minutes to early. hehe. I was so excited, I took the tickets out of the purse and show them to conductor lady, who was standing outside..just hanging there…She smiled and said, yes you are on the right spot, glanced with her hand over the train where in big letters was the sign ˝Maribor˝…I didn´t got it at the time…And asked her, do we still have the time to buy ourselves the drinks from the vendor machine…she gently said, the train leaves in few minutes, so yes, you do.

We bought the drinks…sat on the train…and then he started to laugh at me…you know, the tickets….we need to show them here on the train…after conductor comes by…


I guess it was really a looooooong time since I traveled with train.

After she came arround, she checked our tickets and said, I see you got your drinks.

Ahhhh, she is a joker.

The ride was quite long actually.

2 hours.

…and guess what, we had a delay. A 7 minutes delay.

Dejan said that in Japan, the total delay in a year is less than 5 minutes.

In a year.

Well, I think we will survive this. Somehow. Deeply traumatized, but we will manage somehow.

And finnaly after 2 hours and 7 minutes of delay we arrived at the final destination of this InterCity train. 🙂 Maribor.

Hello floor. You look amazing!

Their train station tower is pretty nice…

A bit away from train station… There was their bus station… Which is also photogenic. 🙂

City is colorful, especially the riverside road, filled with views, graffiti, art, bars, restaurants…it seems like everything is happening here.

Last time we were in Maribor, we went eating in one cool restaurant, Jack&Joe Steak, boy it was delicious…and now, we were hungry as hell, so our only mission for the moment was, to go there and just eat some meat. Along the way there were other restaurants open, but no, we were strong in our determination.

…we finally arrived there…and..IT WAS CLOSED.

You sure? Yeah…look, the garden is empty. We were even more hungry now. Ok back we go and we take the first one we see.

First one was some ˝tschewaptschitschi˝ restaurant and as we already ate that one day ago, we passed. Next one looked nice, and the moment we sat the lady said to the neighbor table, that the kitchen closed at 16.00.

All pale and silent we got up…and turned a search app on. This is serious now. Food. Where can we find food. Let’s go up to the main square…and whatever is open there, we sit. And eat.

Have I mentioned it was 1st of May, festive day… And everything should normally be closed?

And finally we got lucky. And it also looked nice. Meat for me, please.

And a soup for a start, so we don’t die while we wait.

Than the main course.

Portion was a bit small, but we were happy.

So…what about now?

Let’s get lost further on inside their streets.

And maybe eat some sweets too. This old-seventies-kinda-retro-kinda-cool place was our next stop. It was funny how bench looked like train coupe.

Iced coffee please. And we finally reached daily sugar dose. 🙂

…streets of Maribor have most amazing views…and as it got darker due to upcoming storm, the light was even more perfect.

Somewhere in the way he found this Laibach poster for an old event they had…and as he saw it for the first time, he only said, oh, I would have it…but we just moved one at that point, as he was thinking, there will be another one for sure. So the quest was, to find it. But we didn’t. So after some time, we had to go all the way back to get it.

Dejan, I remember it was pretty high on the board.

No, I don’t think so…

Well I remember it was…where is it…?

…a bit further it was, I think….

Oh look, there it is. See. It’s high. It’s above our heads high.

So what, I will climb and take it.



And he did.

Are we stealing?

noooo….They are lucky that I am cleaning their city. 🙂



….so, are you happy now?

NOW, I am. 🙂

…Than we got lost inside streets some more and soon I had a request for a coffee. In fact we haven’t had one jet today. We deserve it.

How about that cool old place? Astoria? Yeah, let’s go.

And so we enjoyed our coffee time…

…hey, when is our train leaving? Oh, I think something around 7 or 8?

…it leaves at 19.45.

Ok, so it’s 18.30…I think we should leave, as you know us, taking million of photos along the way, this ¨15 minutes¨ road, will for sure take us an hour or so. Yup, I agree. Let’s go.

And we were right.

I can’t help it, soooooo many beautiful doors, views, facades…

And we arived to train station at 19.30…Which was just about right.

Their hallway is beautiful too.

And oh, some yyellowzz doors they have 🙂

And off we go.

Bye bye Maribor.

It was fun and colorful.

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NYC attack day 1.


After all our usual morning routine, the city  was all ours to take. 

I guess we took this very seriously.

Anywayz, we just wanted to see the whole city’s fascinations first.

This one for example…


Our first mission:

Wampire state. Pardon. Empire State Building. 

Up high. 

As like we weren’t high enough from our daily dosage of sugar from Starbuksl’s. 

But first we got lost. Of course. 

I don’t know exactly how we always mess it all up….W and E streets, 5,6,Broadway,7 and 8. Always the same story. We just go. But always in the wrong direction.


Finally we found that damn building, went in, pass the check as we bought online tickets and we knew we have a priority pass…

Oh wow….The insides are all gold…nicely done.

So where was I….oh, thing….sooooo….till the ticket check everything went smoothly.

But then. Well…then we had to return back downstairs. To collect our tickets. Wtf?! Yup. No joke. Shit. 

Repeat the rehearsal.

Ok ladies, go down and when you return, say Diana said you can go through, ok. So you won’t wait. Ok? 

Oh, yes please Diana, thank you Diana.

We ran. Again. And returned passing the looooong line again, Diana said we can.

Finally we were in the elevator. Going up, with simulation of how they built this building. Cool.

And then. The view….all four of the sides of them views. 

Expanding all over the Manhattan…over the rivers…such an amazing views, both with our mouth open, we stared at the building tops, trying to figure out which building is which…beautiful terraces, upper mansions, city’s important buildings, design of facades…

I just enjoyed the moment…

We took a selfie or two…

….and than went inside to check how building was made in just something around 400 days…

Documentation was all there….it was crazy, how they were organized, the planing, the drawings…soooo coool…

Of course the furnishings at the end took the bigest part by amount of money. Beside steel constructions. 

So yup. 

You built everything almost to the end. And than you have to go back to the bank to get almost the same crazy amount of money to just furnish the place. But I must say. It is done nicely. They took care of very last detail.

Oh babe! Today at 2 pm Solar eclipse will happen…we still have time to catch it. Where do we go? 

How about that thin building? Which one? You know…triangle funny looking one…”Iron-something”….like the one in Ljubljana? Yes, but bigger. 😁

Let’s go.

We found our spot…at Flat Iron building….and waited. All waiting with special glasses….only few (including us) without. Just burning our eyes trying to see how the moon will squeeze herself in front of the sun. 

It is thrilling how suddenly everything becomes strange…birds stop to sing, it became windy…you could feel people’s energy, anticipation….

….and there she was. Lady Moon, taking her spot.

We than took a down-town hop-on/hop-off bus to the port….our next thing was lady in green.

Miss Liberty.

And the view of the Manhattan from the water…It was quite different to see it from this side…from far away….and being on the water was good to. With all the wind…just nice.

Miss Green was standing there and I questioned myself, how to make a shot of her, that would be different….

…but I guess it’s not possible, as everyone on this boar has the same standing point. 

I managed to take this…


….after we landed we decided to walk a little bit…back to the city…It was pretty hot, but it felt good. 

Back home, yes?

Oh yeah. 

Home. Shower. Bed. 

All sounded perfect. 

On our way home we talked that tomorrow we could see more. 

….so here it was. 

The plan. MoMA, Madame Tusauds and maybe a night tour with hop-on/hop-off bus….we will see…easy, ok?


good night.

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Eggs. Of course. What else. The breakfast we decided to have for the rest of our lives…at least here in Nyc.

We than took our usual way up to the underground…we got out on the usual 59th, under Trumpet station, took our usual Starbucksl’s coffe, than as usual sat down in Central Park and of course as usual, we talked about what we will do today. 

Some nice thoughts were just lying randomly in the grass…

UpTown Hop-on Hop-off tour it is.


So we took our phones out, showed the driver the code and went on the bus….it went smoothly…oh cool, this will be easy.

Ohhh, look at this amazing church…

let’s see it also on the inside…

…after the church….it all began. 

The hop-on-hop-off bus mystery…

….the first bus after didn’t want to take us up, the second one as well…the driver never heard of our “supposed-to-be-company-with-fancy-name-that-promised-top-sightseeing-ever”…I told him I will complain, he said, do that! Oh. Ok! I will.

A bit to early to be cranky, but I hadn’t had any other choice…almost. 

The third bus was than again taking us as everything is ok…this is strange…but we didn’t complain. 

We shut our mouths, smiled and ran on upper level of the bus…

Here are some super-duper views from the drive to our first planned destination of the day….Guggenheim…

…..and than…


Frank Lloyd Wright’s curved museum…

Already the flooring was ufff, my thing.

…and the inside? I was happy as a kid on a Christmas morning…

..,my phone battery will not survive this. 

I knew that already when I entered the building. 


And the other parts/corners/paintings/pictures/instalations/views/details/items/stuff? 

I will let pics do all the talking…

…after 3 hours of soaking the art we became hungry. Well. Nothing new about that right? 

We didn’t complicated. 

Let’s eat here. 


And so we entered…


All yyellowzz hallway…I silently screamed out of pure love to yellow. 😆😆😆

…and ALL that followed…well..all I can say is:

…one word: Oh-my-god! 

The interior:




This was the best fcking salmon with avocado and bazillion of yummy stuff around it I ever ate. 

Food porn. Food heaven. You name it. 

You know when something is soooo good you want to eat it in a split of a second, but is also sooooooo good you eat REALLY REALLY slow, so you enjoy it and it lasts really long? Well. That’s it. 

…after I finally came back to this world, I gave the waitress a good tip…this was just beyond. And she was super cool too.

And in the meantime they even recharged my phone. 

I love Guggenheim. 


….and I love my BlackBirdPoet. 🖤


…so babe. What now? Do we try our chances with the next bus? 

I don’t know…but all fired up as I am after all of this, I don’t mind if we walk to The Met. I remember it is close….

Ok. Walk then. 🙂

The Met. The Crowd. The Crowd in Art. 

I am pretty sure that ALL art of the world must be gathered under this roof. 

Because we just couldn’t handle it.

…this art, that Greek times, one looooooong hall of ceramics….then 4 rooms of Romans…hallways of Egypt…another biggggggg room only of weapon…and than Byzantinian…and another floor of Mystery art and Religious one…oh and don’t forget about Americas……nope. It was too much. 

We just couldn’t take it.

I think I took 6 pics. Ah. No. 7. 

I took the whole 7 pics. 

Babe. I can’t breathe in this crazy crowd of people and art. Please let’s go. 

Ok, she immediately agreed.

And so we went out. 

It was 4 or 5 p.m., so you can imagine the crowd on the streets….no? Well….it looks like this:

Full of yyellowzz. 🙂 

Walking would be the smartest choice, but we decided to wait for the bus. Hopefully they will take us…it’s just too hot to walk.

And a looooot of time later the bus arrived. 

And with it a guy who finally cleared our hop-on-hop-off mysterious fails. 

Did I mentioned he talllllllked reallllly slooooooow to us, like we have a mental disorder or something….

You ladies neeeeed to gggggooo to our offffffice in centre of NY where theyyyy will scan this coddddde on the phonnne and theeeeeen you will get the ticketsssss that are goooooooing to geeeeet you on thisssss buuuuuuuses.

Sir. I thank you. 

You saved our future days. 

Madam. You are welcome.


And so we finally understood what to do and why I definitely shouldn’t had been angry of them drivers back then in the morning-in the first place…well…you live and you learn. 

Here is my angry face.

….after we got our official bus tickets, we both agreed we need to reward ourselves with a nice something from our Starbuksls coffee shop.

And we did.

Armed with coffee we than took our time to enjoy the Times Square….the views and the energy here is really amazing.

Dear New York, thank you for the day, just rethink about The Met…

….you know…quantity over quality…?


….should I even mention that we got lost uncountable times trying to find our A-train bach home?


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I woke up and my first few seconds were confused…oh wow, this is New York for real. 

We made it. 

Good morning. 


Like crazy. 

….after them good old 3 sunny side eggs I finally felt like human again. 

Ready to rock this town.

We immediately got dressed up and hit the road. We had no trouble finding our Upper Manhattan 181th SubWay station, entered and with this express train we got out under Trumpets tower in a bit les than 20 minutes of ride.

This was my first view:

Melania would be proud of me. Or not. She hardly remembers where her home is anyway…

Anywayz…this was impressive. 

And next?

Coffee of course. We both needed the stuff badly. Where to? 

Haha. Are you kidding? Starbucksl’s of course.

Oh…do you know how the logo of Starbucks was made? 🙊

Here…chek this out. 😉 😂🙊

…going back to our coffee. A large something of macchiato with cream. This will hit its purpose. We decided to drink it in peace in Central Park….a perfect way to start our first New York day.

…after some time we decided to just wander around all of the day…no plan…and let’s see what happens…

And so we went…

If you see a person in Bali and Thailand, that constantly puts a sun lotion on, that would probably be me. In New York is basically the same rule. Only ad to it, that the same person is constantly also looking up. 

So if you hit me, I will miss that perfect view-up-shot. So please watch out for me.

This is what I saw while we were approaching the Times Square…

On our way Hard Rock cafe just jumped on us…

…so I dragged Andreja inside with me…oh wow look, The Beatles dresses…

Oh and…Paul McCartney’s guitar….

…oh wow, look…a Hard Rock bag. It was mine. Immediately, without any doubt a shopping move was made. 

And then we passed the Times Square…

….again some beautiful facades happened….

Our next stop was Bryant park….where we rested a bit…and suddenly realized that we were both quite hungry… how about we walk toward Rockefeller’s center, I remember from long time ago, from my first NYC trip, there was a good place to eat down there…

….and so we went. Met some interesting fellas on the way…dragging an angry bird behind or just walking on platforms to feel high….both just being cool.

Lego store was surprisingly also on our way, we couldn’t avoid it, naturally. ☺️

Their floor…all Yyellowzz. 💛

Ahhhhh, finally lunch time. 

I don’t know why, but I seem to be hungry all the time. Especially when I travel. 

No. Wait. I am ALWAYS hungry. 

Ah well…let’s admit that food is just M M M. 

I love it, I enjoy it, I just stop the time and I eat. That is my time. So bring me good-tasty-local-very-special-different-food and I am a very happy person. 

[You don’t want to meet me when I am hungry.]

So. We ate. In Rockefeller center. The food was…meh…baygons. Nothing special. 


Soon after we got up and went towards 9/11 memorial place…this is something that was at the end of our road, so yes, let’s go…

The place was…is…filled with sadness, with silence…a special respect is felt in the air….

…..what they created in order to remember all of the dead ones…wow…the water…. just pouring inside those two giant squares…you can feel how life can just vanish….how strong the water is…

Today you are, tomorrow you are gone.


We sat on the stone bench in the park beside memorial area….and we took our moments to just be.

Ok babe, you up for a beer? Mhm. Battery park is down the way, let’s go.

And so we hit the road again. Pier was full of people, crowded like…oh, well yes, saturday afternoon…preparation for the party.

Two of those nice looking beer bottles please.

The view was for free.

….I put both beers in my new Hard Rock big bag and we went to the park…Battery park…to relax a bit…

And we did rest…planned a bit our next day, enjoyed our beer, watched that squirrel jumping around the tree…

….oh..I think the Bull in financial area should be close…should we go and grab his balls? 

Oh yeah. Let’s go!

But then again his ass was far more charming… [Ok, this sounds strange..] 

…..look….is just…that his balls were just to interesting to everyone that crowded around him, so I grabbed that bulls ass and striked a pose.

And the split of a second after, my phones battery went off. 

And that was it for the day.

Roger and out.

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Its nine thirty in the evening…And me? Nothing packed of course.

….our drive to the airport comes at 00.45.

Have I ever packed my bag “not in the very last minute”? Nope. Why? I don’t know. 🙂 

And so…the whole day was that usual working day, finished around 3 p.m. 

…I went to see my love, we hugged pretty strong when it was my time to go….then home. 

Ok. Focus. Packing. 

Everything out of the wardrobe and than through hard selection into the suitcase. What I really really need? Well. This is the ultimate question. Honestly less than half of what I’ve packed. But you know, you never know. 🙂 

Andreja came, got lost searching for my apartment. 🙂 well…this trip will be fun I guess. 

She patiently watched me finish my packing, she even did my nails, and we were ready to go. 

Smushed my two monsters Sophie and Stef and off we were, to our new adventure.

But first. Of course. The ride to the airport. 

Don’t forget I am not fit for this seats, all the way I just couldn’t find my position, to maybe sleep for a minute or two. My legs were trying to find the right, comfortable position, my back was screaming. Nope. No sleep for me this time. At my right Andreja was snoring down all the forests we have. 😈 Lucky her. 

We arrived at the airport, I felt like heavily stoned, no sleep does that to me. And knowing we are going to fly with this loud monsters, didn’t make me a happy peppy but more a nagging bitch. Let’s face it. Planes aren’t my thing. 🙂 

We parked our asses in the waiting area. My eys were searching for the NYC flight….when Andreja said, but no, we first fly to Brussles. “Oh. Ok. 🙂 Upsy.” We laughed pretty hard, my brains have definitely left the building in Ljubljana. I completely forgot this. 

A minor thing, right? 🙊☺️

In this spirit we than finally started the airline procedure….which in Italy takes forever. Forever. So long, that at the end if all the checking, we than ran to the gates. 

I ask myself here the ultimate question. Why than arriving to the airport 2 hours earlier if all is always the same? They make you being late. 

Anywayz, we were in our seats off to Brussels, all waked up of course. You would be too after that sprint run with obstacles all over the airport. Luckily the flight wasn’t long and I was looking forward to finally sit  and relax on the big plane to Nyc.

If you thought for a second that the “in-between-flights-procedure” was smooth, you are wrong. We ran again. This time because on our gate they had a final call. A what?! We ran. Forrest Gump would be proud of us.

When we made our touch-down at the gates….the final call was for the flight before our flight. Ok. This is just ridiculous. I don’t like to run so early in the morning, come on guys…

Babe, I need a coffee. Yup. A double shot. You? 

And so we finally got our well deserved first morning coffee.

This is how we look after few runs, no sleep and one Belgium coffe:

Andreja is still forcing her face to smile, me, I just couldn’t squeeze it out 😉

…..SOOOOO, here we are, few steps from our final ride. 

Seat in a 47 row.

You know where that is?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you “the very last seat”. 

No recliner seat. 

In 8 hours flight. 

My back started to cry. I promised myself I will get drunk. Maybe than I would passed out and get some sleep. 🙂 

As if that wasn’t enough, the power of the plane was broken, it took them another hour to repair it. 

Well…What can I say. 

This is just lovely. 

Give me the wine! 

Right now.

4 movies, one funny lunch, 2 glasses of wine, a bit of water and a few of them nice turbulences later….we finally made our America’s touch down. 

Esta is an amazing thing, they need to read each and every one, check our all 10 fingerprints and we even get photographed…maybe for a competition of “best destroyed after THAT flight”

This was pure torture.

When we got out, we immediately agreed we don’t care, just get us fast as possible to our home. 

Taxi drive.

With an amazingly friendly driver. He definitely made our first impression.

So it was all good. 

I even was a classic turist for a second, making those first “oh-wow” photos…

Soon we will get our first sleep after Thursday’s night.

Nyc, please be nice.