I woke up this morning 10 minutes before the alarm clock…my heart was pumping fast…my thoughts were…oh my god, tomorrow at this time (by local time☺️) I’ll be in ThaiLand.

And then I smiled and closed my eyes for just another those sweet few minutes that were left. No, of course I will not wake up BEFORE the alarm.

Ant then slowly I got up, put my backpack on the chair in my kitchen and thought , *ok, so, what is still here, that I need to take, what is not necessary and I would only be angry later for carrying it around…?*

….so I put one book more inside and one cardigan out. 

Next thing I know I am checking in and at the counter the lady asked, after printing out all boarding passes, is THAT all you are taking with you? Just a carry-on? My friend Nives laughed too, “well, I said, can I weigh it, so I see if I am over 10 kilos?”





…and so we had a few minutes left, sat to have a coffee….and if my heart wasn’t pumping fast enough already, she told me she’s pregnant. 

Oh my god. 

Oh my….

Come on, this is so beautiful!!!! I couldn’t stop not to scream and hug her tight, crying like a baby. Amazing. 


So finally there it is. The little heart beating inside her. 💛

This morning couldn’t get any better.