πŸ™‚ After one complete day of travel to my destination, finally I am here. 

In ThaiLand.

…being oversized for this flight seats, I arrived quite destroyed… luckily my Meri booked all my flights in such an optimum way, that I had no time to waist anywhere in between the transfer….(thank you Meri πŸ’›!)
When landed I said to myself, huh, now lets begin. 
But first I would need to wait in Bangkok airport for my flight to Koh Samui…which should happen at 5pm….this was what I booked by myself….(so, I guess travel agent in travel is needed. πŸ™Š)

…and there I was at the counter for Ko Samui at 7am, probably with even bigger eyes (all as usually exited for anything that life brings along) that I normally have πŸ€“….
…and again…the guy asked about my luggage, showed my small backpack, than his eyes wend wide, I smiled and said, how can I entertain myself on this lovely airport 😜 while waiting for time to pass….it took him some time and a few phone calls…and! He booked me a flight to Koh Samui on 7:35 BUT SORRY MADAM (!) no meal included in the flight. I mean come on, I don’t care, THANK YOU for this, just get me out of the airport.
…I got the meal on the plain anyway. πŸ™‚
I just love them. And it all didn’t even start jet….
So here I am. With my first Thai beer. 


Just enjoying it.