…it seems like everywhere I go, soup and a good beer is basically what I could live with all the time. I remember being in Costarica, ceviche and their Imperial beer were my classics. And here that would be Tom Yam and one of their beers. Didn’t decide about which of them suits me better. So far Tiger is nice, Singha also, but…I will decide after that third one I don’t remember the name now…


…so my first day started a bit tired, after arriving to Koh Samui (I don’t really know which is right. Ko or Koh…I’ll use Koh…feels right)…so, after I arrived early to my “hotel”, my room wasn’t ready, and as tired as I was I decided to just leave all my stuff there and take a little walk along the beach, drank my first coconut water and lay down on a sand and try not to fall asleep. I think I passed away for a few seconds (or minutes) in a deep sleep…have I mentioned a welcome light sunburn that I got immediately? 🙂 

….then I went back to the hotel, finally my room was ready and all I managed to do was, to drag myself up into the room, took a shower, fell on the bed and that was the victory of the day. 😆

I woke up and realized I am not home…smiled, I was dressed in a second (I definitely am a summer girl) went out in a search for a good soup…Found a cute little beach restaurant called Your place, and a front row table, so I almost had my feet in the sea…

“Tom Yam and a Tiger beer please.”

“Ok madam, with spicy million chilles inside?”

“Ok, no, aside, please…”

(As I do not know your level of spicy)


And they served me all chilly inside of course…AND also a Jack Johnson’s full album in the back, so this was just perfect. Pure perfection. Amazing soup, great beer, sea sound mixed with Jack, I just smiled and enjoyed all the feelings and tastes…at this stage of my travel I am still pretty unsocial, as I need to turn off my “work mood” and turn on the “travel mood”, so a company of a smiling (hungry) dog at my table was all I really need.

“Another Tom Yam please.”

“Ok madam, but a different style this one ok?”

“Ok, sure, surprise me.”

…that another one was even better, a bit more sweet, but also a bit more spicy, as I like it.

….my next thing was a beach walk, on the other side as in the morning and…then I noticed the BIG old moon, just above the sea…wauuu…I turned and walked slowly to the place I fell asleep at on the beach, as it was no restaurant place, just palms and sand….sat down and just breathe into this moon beauty…such a thrilling and joyful moment it was.

…went even slower back to my room, checked the map…decided “roughly” my plans for next few days here…temples, beer, waterfalls, tom jam, beer, lake, scooter and some other beaches, to walk barefoot, to meditate, to eat…

Huh. I love this life of mine.