You know, sometimes I really let myself go into the place, not knowing where exactly am I, just letting the place be as it is, not being famous for this and that, I let it show it’s faces, special things and views when timing is right.

This beach, that I am spending my mornings on, just chilling, is called Chaweng beach and as I read in the LonelyPlanet yesterday, it is the most famous on Koh Samui. 

It does have a sand that feels like silk, I admit that. 😎 ….for a “mountain girl” as I am, water is too hot, I actually can not refresh myself in that warm water. The moment you step inside it actually feels quite hot…I am not complaining, don’t get me wrong, a  bit colder though, would be nice…being famous and all. ⭐️

….I will definitely remember it by the ladies that were so nice, offering me a place in the shadow, close to their massage cottage, with really nice music in the background…

My book, my notes, sea, sun&shadow, sand, peace…

I started to read a book, that my friend A gave me just before my travel to ThaiLand, called Living beautifully by Pema Chödrön…about three promises that we need to take in order to release ourselves from being trapped constantly in ongoing habits that control our lives…

Actually the translation to our language is quite different than this, and now when I had to look for the original one, it finally rang a bell to me, this “Living beautifully” is all the book is about. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover (or name in this case). I like this adress much more.

Anyways, I am deep in it, I’ll let you know what it reveals out of it.

By the way each new day you learn what you need and what not, so the other day, in curiosity I bought myself fried vegetables in a bag, expected at least so much it would feel like a small brunch, nothing more. Well it turned out I bought a big fat bag of air with tiny samples of veggies inside. 😂😂😂

No wonder I got hungry so fast. Another Tom Yam? Yes. And then a Pad Thai. And a large Tiger. If nothing else, I am here to eat. To try all their food…I don’t understand people that come to ThaiLand and eat Wienerschnietzel. Or FrenchFries. Or OldMcDonalds healthy food… 🙊 …life is to short not to try good local food

Later I returned to my room, took a shower, this was completely useless, because my next thing got me covered in sweat in a split of a second. 

I went for a “walk”, to the other side of the island, where the Big Buddha is. 

Probably I was the only turist walking. And probably this looked strange to them. To see people walking. I mean, me. 

I definitely was the only one walking.

And every few seconds “taxi!” or “u need a ride?” was shouted at me, I was just smiling, sweating, and kept walking. 

At 3:30 pm, aprox 3km in one direction, in this humid and hot day, I must admit I had thoughts inside like, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, but then again, I love to walk. I felt like I was walking inside a big boiling sauna. 

But…my views were completely different that I would have if I would drive there with scooter, so many beautiful flowers on the way, tiny little cute ones, so crazy in all those colors…

….some interesting pieces of design, as interior designer of course I see everything. 😜

And I also saw all the misery they live in….and still they seem happy, or so they “seem” to be. 

Front facades looking destroyed, water instalation fixed so I would not drink from it ever, and in the backyard a big field of trash…crazy, but here all that seems normal. 

Finally I arrived to this Big Buddha temple, and frankly, ok, yes, he is Buddha, also quite big, but, nothing that would amazed me here….maybe because I haven’t felt any big history there, I don’t know why….it all seemed just so new. Statue was actually made/built not so long ago, and you can feel that…the stairs to this statue were fas more interesting, built with all that ceramics, small glass and mirror pieces, all vivid colors of them….really nice!

Took a few shots and walked arround a bit….noticed some nice details… 🙊 😂

…and that was about it…..so I turned around and went back, the road the walk itself was far more interesting I admit. 

I came back to my “town”, took a shower and just enjoyed my balcony with a loud bird singing somewhere close….and no mosquito bites jet, I guess olive oil that I am using for my skin, prevents that too? ⭐️

I booked my Wednesday flight to Krabi, and a hostel with shared rooms, something new for me to try…

We’ll see. 🙂