Yesterday can be described with one word.


(THE BEACH will be hopefully in Koh Phi Phi in my next days😎)

What I did all day, and I was really good at it? 



….I walk through that famous sand beach to my spot. To my yyellowzz sun-bed. 

“Mine” is that single one on the right….Which….unfortunately, was taken. By a singer with a guitar. Already singing at 9am. He sang old ninety’s songs…and ok.

I forgive him.

(Oh, by the way, am I the only one thinking the nineties were 10years ago?? 😂😂😂…huh, years fly by!)

So…..I went on the other side of this “massage cotage” found another spot in the shadow and parked my ass down.

My first thing on the list to check on this day was a massage, so I didn’t wait quite that long. Nodded to one of the smiling ladies and so, there I was, being deeply masaged with sounds of canadian singer aside. Again the morning started pretty amazing.

After she “not-so-gently” massaged all work/stress/real life/ect out of my back and neck and after I slowly, stil a bit “massage-stoned” dragged myself to my sun-bed, I realized, this now can officially be called TravelMood.

From a writing point of view, my day wasn’t all that interesting….laying, reading, bathing (not swimming! Water is about 57cm high for several 100 meters, so there is absolutely no chance of doing anything hard), drinking water, beer, laying, sunbathing in the shadow, tom yam, and another dish I don’t remember the name of, lemonade on ice, bathing, reading….repeating.

Oh! While I was eating, I noticed one older guy, just sitting there with coffee and some fruits, and a mobile phone, which he used constantly to catch ladies behinds. 🙊🙊🙊 No shame.😎 Each and every time any nice behind went to water, came out or just walked by, his phone was on.

….anyways, so my day wend by really slow, soon after sun went a bit lower, arround 4pm, I become brave and moved myself to the sun. 

Where soon after I heard a woman talking to some reggae guy about being from Swiss, and how there now is winter?! I smiled, because in Slovenia apparently there is too…and we started to talk….as soon as she found out that I am from Slovenia, she said:

“Pa mozemo pricat htvatski?”

“Naravno, kako da ne!”

….and so we chatted a bit and soon I found out, that this small talk isn’t going anywhere, and I also suck at it, so I simply said that it was nice meeting her, and packed my towel and my book back to the hotel.

Stopped at one bar and ordered Mr.Chang.


Dear Mr.Tiger and dear Mr.Singha, this will be a thought competition! 😎

Sooooooo, this was nice. 

I then went back to my room, “packed” my backpack in 7,6minutes 😂😂😂 and sat on my terrace and listen to the craziest cricket sounds ever. I think they have some sort of a timing at arround 8 or 9pm, when they get so loud you can’t believe it.
I also have a new temporary pet, named him Boris. 🐊🐊🐊