I miss you guys, I miss all of you my crazy sweet friends and I have you in my mind especially with this crazy weather that you have now.

I just hope it will soon get better, spring and warm weather…💛

…so, my Wednesday started quite easily, in the morning I went for a walk along  the beach, when all was still very quiet…no people, all just so still.

I enjoyed it so much, almost alone….with funny jokes here and there. 😂😂😂

The street was dirty, nothing new about that…

But the beach….ufff…Mornigs are indeed stunning in the morning. 

Soon after breakfast I packed last things, put my backpack back on and went in a search for a ride to the airport. 

My ride this time was a taxi-motorbike, with a very nice, friendly old man. 

In this weather with NO wind, this was a refreshing thing to do. (Soon after you stop, again the sweat just comes right back, floating out of you, even if you only just stay in place and do pretty much nothing.) 

Checked in, and went to security control. 

They took away my very new sunscreen lotion, come onnnnnn…..and I had to spill out the vodka in the metal bottle…srsly?! 

(I couldn’t drink it there, it’s disgusting.)

Yes. I am not an alcoholic. 😇

This IS for digestion, in this place you have to be prepared. ☺️

Anyways, my dear M, I was thinking of you, when I had to empty it. If I only could drank it. That at least it wouldn’t be a waste. 

So I lived happily ever after, and went to the waiting “lobby”, which looked really cute, with al the chairs, poufs and all…parked myself in the corner, and waited…

This waiting got extended at first for 15 minutes, due to a technical problems….and I think technical team had to be on the other island or lost…because the delay got extended again and again.
Finally there was a call for Krabi.

I took a picture of the plane….just in case we fall down and they find my phone and…they would see……what a nice picture I took….☺️🙊

My seat was next to a chatty/giggly lady from Holland, who, was traveling alone too. 

And the only thing she regretted is to take the big luggage with her. She said she feels like a prisoner with that metal thing arround the leg, just dragging that damn (pardon my french) stuff all over the place. 

She was funny, we exchanged information and at the end of the flight ….sat on the same bus…

….got of on the same street and realized our hotels are really close. 
We had our drinks in the first bar that we found, roughly planned to maybe see each other next day…….but I somehow knew already, that was a good bye.

Huh. But Mr. Chang was supportive 😂😂😂

I guess I like to travel alone. I love my time. Time for myself. I get to discover….me. 

So…as it soon turned out, my hotel was on the other street with the same name. 

How can you have a street, that goes in two different directions, but the name is the same? 

Oh, yes. No expectations please. Go with the flow. You have all day to find out if maybe there is a third one with the same name but not in Krabi and you somehow got it all wrong? 

I finally saw my hotel sign….pretty nice wired up. And my first thought was, “classic”. 

But then I stepped inside….

Ok. I am sorry. 

Where am I?

This is crazy nice.

While I was checking in, I found out that the hotel is brand new, opened for only 1 month, owned by an interior designer.

So I guess on every corner of this life a little surprise awaits for you if you only see it. 

My little bunk bed was on the fourth floor and as if I wasn’t high enough already , I had to take the upper bed. 


What else. 😉

So my first-time-bunk-bed started on the right number. 

Took a looooooooooooooongest shower ever, washed waiting for the plane of me, “dresed-up” and hit out for a short sightseeing before the night falls down.

One temple.

And the night market.

Vivid. Live. Colorful. Crouded. Filled with live music and stuff and….THE food.


And suddenly they all froze. I didn’t actually realized that, I just moved on, like in slalom skiing, managing my way through them….and as soon this music stopped, they got back to life again. Started to move, the talk got back and at that point I realized something important was going on few seconds ago. 


Soooooo. Ok. Sorry guys, will find out what this is and will not move when it happens again. I promise, I am really good at it. The not moving thing. 

Ok, where I was….oh yes. THE food. I found my food finally.

Guess what?! It was yyellowzz. 💛⭐️

And uhhhhh, so so so good.

Another victory. ⭐️

….my next wish was actually the bed. But it was still quite early, I think around 7 pm, so I tok a different path back to the hotel, maybe I will find something interesting. 

Not much.

Got back up to my little bunky, took the book, decided to go out, find a place to sit, drink something and just enjoy the “myself” time.

That didn’t last long either.

When I got down to the lobby, one guy asked me, “sorry, can I ask you a question?” ….I turned around and for a split of a second it crossed my mind, well, now what….but then he asked: “how much would you pay in your country for this beautiful things?” He showed on the shelves on the table….

I must admit, I got interested immediately, as I love good and especially different questions, which people choose when they want to approach me. 

“Hi, I am Petra!”

“Hahaha, no way, and I am Peter!”

I was blown away. 

His energy was just so interesting.

I sat down at the table, and there it was.

Our 4 hours talk.

We even got out on the Night market again. I just needed to see where he bought that.

Got back to the lobby and talked some more. 

His Indonesia; his home town I forgot the name and my Slovenia (specifically my Bohinj) are so similar that I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The lake. The nature. Same same.


Life always brings you interesting people. If you care enough to stop for a second and listen to their question. 

I had amazing feelings flowing through me, while we talked….yes, I am grateful for all the people that are my life…

…he reminded me of that.

It’s funny how very far you have to go, to discover how much love you have for “your” people…my sister, having a little princess under her heart, sending me video of my nephew, of him being embarrassed for sending me kisses ☺️😘💋, my best friend with her princess under her heart too…😆💛

(and yes, all giving birth in June. I will be aunty triple times, another good friend is having a baby girl to!  Oh, and you remember the news from the first day of my travel, due in December.

….srsly,ladies  YOU SEE NOW why you have that blizzards and snow in end of April back there in Slovenia?!

Joking aside, I have you in my mind, I can’t imagine the mess it caused.💛

….oh, another thing. I completely forgot what day it is. I am not joking now. I forgot. THIS is my TravelMode.

I love it.

I decided to give this city a chance to reveal itself. 

Because of the people.

And that same night, before climbing up to my bed, I met Eva, Zinka and Imke…