…so as I mentioned the other evening, I have met this three girls from Germany, well Imke actually lives in New Zeland, Eva and Zinka are from Germany…in the mornig we were quickly agreed that today is going to be all beach’in day…except Zinka, she went to Phuket, minutes after we had breakfast…

AoNang beach it is.

So, first the breakfast, than the bus and after that the beach. We all did nothing the whole day. And we rocked it really good.

I even got a sun allergy, pro bono. β˜€οΈ

And that’s pretty much IT for the day.

I won’t torture you with a lot of details, here are just some views…


It is interesting though, how doing nothing beats you off. We had plans to go out, but once we were in the room, bed was so comfy, I honestly wanted nothing but to sleep.

And also because Imke and I decided to go to the top of Tiger cave early in the morning, taking us 1237 steps up. (I was thinking about doing this since arriving to Krabi, so I was really looking forward to it.)

Plan was to get up at 6am, with a little snooze, and to take the bus to the bottom of the mountain, so we would be up before the REAL heat starts. 

So another reason to go to bed early.

Of course I didn’t fall asleep, so much to think about.. fell asleep finally and dreamed about being druged/dragged and robbed and in my dreams I couldn’t scream 😢🀐😳😡..this was so so lively that I actually screamed to be heard…and it woke me up…huh, my heart was beating fast, I never had dreams so real.

(Imke said in the morning, she heard the scream…so I guess it really was loud…)

Anyways…the snooze did happen. 6am in vacation. Come on. Snooze is a natural thing to hit.

…finally got up, we went to buy stuff for the trip….I thought it would be longer so I bought half of the store, oreo crackers, (haven’t ate them jet), some nuts for the nut people like myself, water and I believe I was packed for at least a trip on top of Mount Blanc. 

Oh, and a coffee to go, which I (naturally) spilled immediately after I got out of not so smooth ride, yes, I spilled it on the floor, not in the car, so there goes my coffee anyways.

Did I mentioned we wore long pants?

Because we came in shorts, but then again it is a temple, so we paid the respect, including with sweat afterwards.


I guess first it is impossible to go up without taking pictures, brave ones, where you still look “absolutely fabulous”, acting like you are completely okay with so much clothes on.

Then we realized we took the wrong first stair. Upsy.☺️😎 

On the right there they were, with the big sign. 

So. Ok. πŸ™ˆ

Let’s do this for real.

Every journey begins with a single step.

Our took us only 1237 steps, a minor thing I suppose.

My thoughts were covered in sweat only after 333 steps….and not to mention we were only on 1 quarter of the climb. 😬

And another thing. The rule for creating steps wasn’t used here at all. Some steps were so high you had to really use the fence not to fall back.

There was written in some itinerary, that monkeys are very brave here and we need to be careful with them…

well, we met one, two tops, so I said, arriving to the top, that probably they were exaggerating with the warnings….

So finally the last step was taken and the view we got was….BREATHTAKING!

Literally. πŸ˜†

First the Buddha, and then all the view all arround us….amazing.

And there was not even 8am.

I was so happy.

We walked around and of course took millions of pictures, this only  Chinese people would understand.

I heard then one guy explaining to a couple about meanings of symbols up there, and we almost went down when he asked if we saw tigers paw up there?

A what? 



Up, last 10 steps…let me show you….so we all followed, including that couple. 

Ok. You know the saying, “you are looking, but you don’t see.” Checked.

There it was. Big, enormously big paw. Then I looked again at the golden Buddha, being BIG, it all made sense.

…and so this guy was explaining details and stories, and then he asked, where are you guys from?

Imke, from Germany, living in New Zeland…I waited for the couple, but I guess it was my turn, so I said, I am from Slovenia.

The couple was like, “wait, what?! Where?”


“Tud midva sva s Slovenije!”

(“We are from Slovenia too!”)

No way.

Srsly. You have to take the highes mountain in the region, early enough in the morning, and you meet slovenian people.

I mean. What are the odds when there is only 2 millions of us. I mean, in China, we would all live in one skyscraper, right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I was soooooooo happy!

Come on, this is amazing, don’t you think?

…so, then we went back down. Don’t think going down is easy, well, yes it is easier than going up, but with those steps, you could easily just crash anywhere.

And then came the monkeys. One especially fell in love with my blue bag, jumped on me and tore part of my bag to get to cookies. Damn cute little hairy monster, go away! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

I had to hide my bag, but his eyes were like radar, he knew exactly where the goodies are. Finally we were too close to the bottom, so they gave up.

On the way down there is also a statue of the man who found the paw, smiling there…he was a rock climber, I guess that’s why the stairs are so stiff, to remind us of his sport!

….we all shared a taxi back to Krabi and said good bye, with possible meeting again in Koh Phi Phi, where they are going right away, and me in a few days, after I take my time off in Koh Lanta.

In Krabi, Inke and I went to the white temple, I was there already, but not inside….it was all white, really stunning…

and on the inside…wow, all the colors….and the yyellowzz diamond…I guess the modest exterior hides all colorful images inside….

….and so came the moment when our paths separated. Eva was heading toward Koh Tao (which I missed while I was in Koh Samui-so I have an excuse for my next ThaiLand trip 😎) and Imke towards Surat Thani, where she meets a friend.

Hugs and whishes, and bye bye.

….I then took a pen, paper and phone and sat down in this beautiful lobby in our hotel. 

Ordered a Lychee juice, and started to plan my next days.

Booked a bungalow in Koh Lanta, hostel in Koh Phi Phi, hostel in Chang Mai and in Bangkok. And all trips in between. Super productive few hours….

I then went out to the end of Krabi bay, to Tsunami monument, took a moment there to eat, rest and just enjoy the moment….

On the way back I found this old school swing thing.

Of course I was immediately on it, swinging myself like a child, enjoying also the wind I created. πŸ˜…

The evening was all about the night market, where again was so crouded, colorful and full of…everything.

I waited in the line for banana&nutella pancakes, and then again behind me were Slovenians, but this time I wasn’t in the mood for our language at all, so I just took my crazy-nasty-sweet pancakes, and took off across the market as far away as possible. 

Oh….I also found that perfect and famous  family:

…although I must admit I think Ken had his face done, I mean look at his hairline up there. And Barbie is far too skinny, if you ask me. So in this case, girl’s pink hair isn’t all that bad after all. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ’


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