I couldn’t have celebrated Labor day any better than by doing as less as possible. 

So I tried. 

Really hard.

The whole day.

But I guess…. I started to celebrate the Labor day on 23rd of april when I started my tour through ThaiLand…

…and I plan to celebrate it all the way up to middle of May. If you don’t mind.


This first of May day was the calmest of all ThaiLand days so far.

Got up at 6am, walked to the beach to meditate, take deep breaths and just enjoy MYSELF time for real.

I love it. I really love to be only with myself.

I also took deep breaths into the rising sun……….this was my first sunrise on the beach.

…while walking along beach side….I met transparent jellyfish, she looked good, all pure and small. Don’t want to have anything with her though…but she sure is beautiful.

So here I am.

All by myself.

In the middle of Asia.

…I walked early in the morning to the “town”….found this superb organic sweet place called Pure Koh Lanta.

I will let pics explain it all.

…..and then…..

Beach with my book in the afternoon…

…..and late in the afternoon…..Net with yyellowzz tea, Jack Johnson and Jon Hopkins, swinging me into the night……

Never ever have I had a celebration of Labor day as calming as this…..