Morning started with my regular morning meditation…

My mind was calm but my body was excited, today I have plans with me.

Rented a blue motorbike from Red. Amazing grey pants he had!

Had to take a picture of him.

“Petra, you know how to drive?”

“Yes. Only not on the left side.”


“Oh yes please, safety first!”

“So, you turn it on like this….now go, enjoy!”

So I took of.

On the left side.
THIS will be interesting.πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰
But first.

A Pit stop.

Green vegetables smoothie at my favorite Pure Koh Lanta super duper bar.

Draw “Thank tou” in thai language.

I have so much to be thankful for.

Bought some Gas…and we were all ready.

Both tanks full.

The drive alongside the island was nice, with the wind and not so strong sun…I had put sun lotion double layer on myself just in case. I don’t trust this asian sun, he burned me already the first day for my welcome. For free. 😎

Anyways. So many amazing sights.

The road ended through out a nice but narrow streets at the ferrys port…

Turned back and decided I will go on the first beach that the road will turn to…so it was.

Kaw Kwang beach….where that little island is.

But first.


Found this cool restaurant Rock Beach Bar…

And realised it is only 5329 miles to Slovenia…you are not so far away…

“You ready?”

“Mhm.Chang. And a spicy shrimp&lemongrass salad.”

“Spicy? You sure?”

“Yes spicy please, but don’t get me killed, ok?”

Level of spicy-ness: 🌢🌢🌢🌢

(For explanation of levels please read my “Chilly on trial” post)

So of course I had another Chang.

Guys, Mr.Chang is my favorite in case anyone didn’t noticed jet, Singha and Tiger are more so-so. πŸ™‚

At the bar I asked the guy, if it is possible to go to that island over there, he said yes but, through water, no dry road to it.

Ok ok, will find a way.

Than I had to take a swing again….

After I finished daydreaming I headed off to my island.

The path to it was amazing…

And than the island.


My very own private beach for the day.

Dress off and into the water to reach it…Water Only to the knees.

Uh ok, piece of cake.




MyTime again.


Sea shells & heart shaped leaf.

Yyellowzz glass.

Oh, and another temporary pet came by, named him Thorpe. You know, like Ian, but only Thorpe, sounds cute enough.

Boy, he was fast.

Few hours of sunbathing and swimming after, I noticed that the water between island and land got wider….upsy, hope not to swim with my stuff in the air….went in, I had to walk on my tiptoes….

…huh, another victory.

But it was pretty dangerous, the sea was pouring through this narrow line between island and the land…so I went really slow, cut my foot on a rock, but I will survive….after all I am one “little” surviver. And by the time I will get married, I will be healed. That’s what my mom used to say always when I came home in bruises.

I found this too, that reminded me, I haven’t had my brows done for a month. Thank god my mirror in my temporary house is not “working” πŸ˜‰

!!!!and I hear they don’t clean the beaches while off season. Come on. And what. It’s all good?! This is not ok!


I calmed myself down a bit….Drove back but took the road arround, through the other side of the island…again so much interesting things on the road, palms, so tall…..And other amazing details….

Few Slovenian-type of houses, in colors too…like pink roof for example πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š….and a “mansion”, but I would suggest them another colors for the facade though.

…wanted to see the “old town”…it was breathtaking…..Like Venice in a way. Same same, but different.

Took gazillions of photos, did a minor shopping (by accident), I couldn’t resist….πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ’

Than I hit back the road home…it was all curvy…yyellowzz sign said that.

My new yesterday’s discovery PureKohLanta was closed….so I stopped again at my Fashionista, for another coconut and a pancake, this time banana&nutella, please.

Smiling little lady, sooooooo nice. She also made my day.

Besides the swing, the island, shelves, beside Thorpe, distance to Slovenia, beside a very spicy but very good salad, beside my awesome bike day.

And on top of that, my latest project was furnished, finalized back there in Slovenia….while I am here. #projectBJ

And…I was offered a business proposal, to discuss after my return.




I guess I deserve beer and a lot of water on my porch…and a very mery last evening in Koh Lanta….

….oh and unfortunately one of those beetles wasn’t so lucky to become my temporary pet too….unfortunately I stepped on him in the dark in my little house….

Barefoot. Yaiks πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰

Poor little fella.

….meditation on the beach….this night was darker than yesterday’s….and half an hour later I was under my mosquitos net.

Night night my last night on Koh Lanta.

You are amazing.⭐️