Some things never get a second chance.

So….this is Koh Phi Phi….

If you ever come here (and please have in mind this is only my perspective) first come to this island and then go to Koh Lanta or Koh Tao and islands like them, not the other way.

Like I did.

From grand mother’s perspective (like mine is-apparently), this island is too crowded, to Ibiza-style, just so typical to party. That at least was my first impression arriving to their port. I got a bit disappointed…it was my inner feeling telling me, nope, this you hadn’t had in mind.

After Koh Lanta, this feels like a HOT boiling shower….in Thailand. πŸ˜•

… I left Koh Lanta behind and just stepped inside this island. REALLY heavily crowded, and it is low season here….so my grumpy ass was a bit annoyed, when also I could not move normally through the place, with my backpack, which felt even heavier than normal.

I had only one goal. Find the place and hope is a bit out of this fish can.

It was. At the end of the road, thank you God and Buda for this. I intend to sleep at night, thank you.

Room no.9. Nice number. I love it.

Went inside, “unpacked”, took a shower, which again was useless due to humidity arround 85% the whole time…then I went out to explore the place, to calm myself down a bit.

Exploring around to find out where I will park myself as I already decided to be on the beach the next day….the narrow line between both bigger sides is on one side a “market/town/crouded/bars/restaurants place, on other is a beach…on one side it ends with rocks…to climb on, on other with Long beach…to which I am going tomorrow.

Found also some nice little places….to take them for sunsets, meditation….

I guess I am now in my relax mood and Phi Phi is a bit more too crouded…

But I will let it reveal to me, I am sure there is more to it than just this pollution of people and trash all over the place…

So my walk got extended a bit, it was already dark as I came back “home.”

….decided that my morning will not be defined with alarm clock, so I fell asleep….


….and woke up at 8:30 am. I guess it’s quite early in any case, because this island opens up it’s facilities arround 10am or later….so I turned around and extended my sleep for a few more minutes. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ˜ƒ

Half awake and really hungry I went arround searching first to get my morning coconut, to re-hidrate myself…sat on one terrace, and waited for a waiter to come…nothing happened for at least 5 minutes or more…I nodded to one of them being gathered at the bar, …..and…it took them another few minutes to decide who is going to come…or what? Finally one came close, when I said coconut, it apparently wasn’t good enough, so some kind of talk with complications started among them. When I saw that, and I have already felt stupid to be here, I stood up…said thank you…and left.

And went directly across the street to the bar called Chao koh coffee house. Saw a BIG coconut in their fridge and ordered one…well it sure wasn’t small πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Definitely biggest one in Thailand so far.

And also the staff was cute, giggly and smiling, completely different story.

Yes please, this is what I want around me, nice people.

A waiter came back while I was enjoying my enormous drink, asked me what I want to eat, ordered eggs sunny-side-up, wanted something “normal” for breakfast this time. I noticed that the waiter is somehow flying arround my table, making “important” things…of course I noticed that.

“Where are you from?”

“Slovenia, you?”

“Slov…? Where?….”

“You know Italy or Germany? ….he nodded….well close to them…”

“Me I am from Myamar…and I work here for 2 years now. How old are you? ”

“Haha, why’d you ask?”
…and a smile all over his face….
“Tell me? Why you asked?”

I saw he was embarrassed so much…

“Oh come on, sayyyy it?” πŸ˜†
“Would you be my girlfriend?”

“Ahahahaha….well sorry, no….you are cute, but sorry, no…”

He smiled with a bit more lemon-ish smile and so finally I had some peace to eat….ordered another coconut and enjoyed my book with it.

…My way to the beach was beautiful as always, different sights when in full daylight I guess…

….found my spot, in the shadow of course-it was still noon, I don’t want to look like I sleep in solarium box every day.β˜ΊοΈπŸ™Š

Beach’in day all day long with books, water, nuts, sounds of the sea, bear, sounds of taxi boat motors, food, views of Koh Phi Phi Le in front of me, where film “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio and Tilda Swinton was made…and at 5 pm I gathered my courage and went to the “open-air” spot, no shade, just sun…managed to stay there boiling somehow for an hour (well I need to get some color after all)….

On my way back I met Mickey “white glowes”, the big lion, cutest cat in ThaiLand… (I hope my Stef the-boy-cat and Sofi the-girl-cat aren’t reading this, Barbara, close their eyes just in case for this part)…if not ever. πŸ™ŠπŸ±

Nooooo, my little monsters are the sweetest. 😍😘❀️ come on, look at them…😍

Soooooo…after some cuddle of this poor little fella, I caught the sunset….sat down and breathe into it….

…went back home, we even had a “storm”, but didn’t last long…maybe for a few minutes with lightning, but then it rained slowly, with even the rain drops being warm.

Humidity level all the time close to 100% πŸ˜†πŸ™Š…ok, 83%, but who’s counting anyways.