It hapenned to me.

I got robbed.

They stole my purse on the night before and inside was of course my phone.

I felt so lost.

So…How to survive in BEAUTIFUL, COLORFUL AND BREATHTAKING ThaiLand without having an opportunity to make photos…And how to manage to function, when in this times we have everything on our phones.




…let’s go back a few days before this.

After arriving to Koh Phi Phi, and after I didn’t liked it the first day, my next 2 days were spent at the beach, because I remember saying to myself, “ok, next days in Thailand will not be by the sea, so just go and enjoy it, absorb it, listen to it, remember it…as you don’t really know when you will have a chance of seeing it again.”

And I did just that.

Had my morning breakfasts at this cute bar all in  yyellowzz, I even had a “normal” breakfast, YES, I know, I have said it, that in ThaiLand, all I will eat will be Thai made. Well in a way it was. THEY had prepared it for me, it was just not SO Thai.

The interior of the place was WAU.

MY STYLE completely.


Anyways…my second day at the beach was with friends that I met it that hostel, Max, Monica and Claudia…It was a lazy beach’in day…sun was shining, sea was…drying out with the tide, it was so low, that you had to take a long walk into the sea, but at the end you are just so lazy, that you give up on searching for deeper water, which , after that loooooooooong walk was still below my knees…and you park your ass in the water, you sit on the floor and just….be there, present at the moment…enjoy the moments of watching the light blue water and the island Koh Phi Phi Le, swimming somewhere in deeper waters…

We got to an agreement.

Tomorrow is a boat trip day.

To all those islands, to Maya beach of course, to do snorkeling, and to see the sunset. I had that trip in my mind, and it just got so much better, I will do it with my new company from Spain, Venezuela and Germany.

…that was it for the day.

I loved my last day in sand in ThaiLand.


Waking up was easy, with the trip in mind, I would get up, no…I would not even needed the sleep…

Breakfast. They served us…

Imagine that:


With onions and I think a chicken walked by, but mainly there were onions inside. Well…We took a selfie, of course with sunglasses on…..come on, it was far to early not to look wrinkled from that sweet pillow, you hug all night long…


And so it began. Our trip.

My first jump into the water, to go on that boat, was not so precise and elegant as I planned, I got wet half way immediately.

This didn’t bother me at all, after all, you get dry in a second. Did I mentioned, that sweating at 7 am is pretty much normal in that area? With humidity level of around 80 percent that IS normal.

Anyways, we got immediately to our first snorkeling of the day, it was pretty nice, but I have had a better ones…I also managed to take a photo of a splash…


Than came THE BEACH.





Come on, srsly???

WHAT is it???….. is someone giving something for free here? In ThaiLand???

I felt like I had accidentally fell into a shopping center in Slovenia…on Saturday….when it is raining outside. EVERYONE was there. The whole China was there. I think I managed to get 3 pictures without a human on it. (they are inside, but please just ignore them)




…so this is Maya Beach.


We then went around the corner and we found an almost a “NoMan’s Land”, and I remember one girl on the boat saying, “FCUK Maya Beach, THIS is The beach.”

I silently agreed to that.

Unfortunately, all the pics of THAT beach are in my phone, except the one, that lead to it…(which is also nice, as all those colors are just…..OH!) And a “selfie” one, which shows a little bit of this amazing bay…Just ignore me on it. 🙂


I gladly had a jump or two (or three-I love to jump into water-the higher the better) into this blue-green-ish water.

Next thing was the cave inside one side of Koh Phi Phi Le, that we passed….with people living in it.

Ok. Wau.



And then..THE SNORKELING OF MY LIFE. I never ever had so many little fishes, all being yyellowzz, just floating peacefully around me…I was breathing deep, enjoyed my sight…And the feeling was AMAZING.

And one husband lost his wedding ring while we did this snorkeling…she was quite sad…I saw her…huh…I can not imagine that…I felt so sorry for them…

Soon after this crazy nice snorkeling we stopped at Bamboo island…all white. WITH NO BAMBOO on it, but it was beautiful, I must say…had my moment on the beach for sure.


OH AND THE FOOD…The food was great.

OR maybe I was deadly hungry??? 🙂 (You don’t want to have anything with me when I am hungry, believe me.)

I ate a vegetables with rice (one of 5 things that you could choose from, and two out of that were burgers) like I never ate food in my life at all. I was STARVING I guess…

Slowly the day went toward it’s ending….the last thing on the list.



Something like it.


And again the best thing was, that I met all this sweet, fun and interesting people.



AND THEN the whole boat came to an idea, to meet in the evening, on a beer or two, and of course…I was the one who had the honor to being robbed.

For free.

I felt SOOOOOO lost.

…….and so it began.

My Analog way of travel through ThaiLand.

Have I survived?

Oh yes. 🙂

And there is a twist to it… I am even more grateful now for a lot of things.

….but that is something so cool, I will tell you in my next post.


Last line is often used in TV shows,as I remember, just before they put an adverts on.