There I was.

….in the middle of ThaiLand, in Koh Phi Phi to be more accurate, without my phone. Where I kept everything….yes, completely all data was there. Plane tickets, routes, hotel and hostels names, booking confirmations and so on….

I don’t know how this happened, but I woke up in the hostel the next morning, went out, asked for “what time it is?”, it was 7am….HUH, ok…so I have time to collect myself together……My mind was blowing inside, thoughts were burning, I realized for real, that I have absolutely nothing to rely myself to…except myself, my instincts…I almost freeked out, and all I needed now was to stay calm, to pack and also I roughly remembered that my ferry is at 10 am.

Started to pack, searched for ferry confirmations, when I found this paper on which I wrote all my itinerary up till Chiang Mai…Suddenly I felt so so happy, so thankful to myself for doing this in back there in Krabi…Huh, at least I have this. All was on it, all  the timing for ferries, hostel names, flight time, but no flight booking number. At least I checked in online, while I still had my phone….huh.

More luck than brains I would say 🙂

I felt a bit better.

So without watch on my hand I relied on other people’s watches on their hand…went to that yyellowzz bar that I already was the previous morning and just decided, I will calm myself down, think about everything, plan my happening for this near future and try to survive without the phone.

As they say in ThaiLand “Never try, Never know”.


In that bar there were two Danish girls, so I asked one if she could lend me her phone just to log in to facebook, to let everyone know that I am ok, that I will not be able to respond for the next 2 weeks…

People are so nice, I was again so grateful.

Then I immediately left the place, parked myself on ferry station and just waited. It’s better to be there for sure and early, than to miss my ferry, my bus and my flight to Chiang Mai…all so narrow in between connections.

I started to read one book that I took with me, read the entire ferry ride and taxi ride all the way up to the airport.

In the middle of the road I suddenly realized I have an ancient old tablet with me, searched for it, realized is empty of course, I hadn’t used it since Ljubljana. Oh my god, I was a bit relieved, found a charger on airport, parked myself in front of it, and read some more…

The tablet of coure was so old and with so little memory, that it didn’t connect to wifi on airport, so I had no chance to do anything with it.

My boarding time was at 5.30 pm, so I had like 4 hours to spent on the airport…

… there I was…just reading the whole time….till I finished that book….and wondered around a bit, found a bookstore, bought myself a book that I searched for it some time ago, an then…when just in front of this store I found another book on the shelves with newspapers and magazines to take for passengers…Oh, ok….”Turning point” was the name of the book, giggled a bit and my thoughts were, “oh, really, is this my turning point?” 🙂 So I took it, sat down and started to read…When I am finished, probably on Bangkok airport on my last day of travel, I will leave it there for another person to read it….I love books.

Finally there was a call for my flight. And then I saw the writing on the entrance, where maximum dimensions of carry on or maximum weight of it were written. Oh, shit. What now? Ok, if I have to, I will throw away some t-shirts, maybe that sarong, which is already quite destroyed…of course no, not the books, they are all coming with me.

All my travel is completely inside my backpack for carry on, so I just hoped, they won’t complicate. I put my backpack on, squeezed myself gently through the line, and…jup, I went through.

Another victory. 🙂

And finally there it was, my flight to Chiang Mai. In two hours I will be there, and all I will do is put my backpack in the wardrobe, and just fall asleep.

I did exactly like that and before I closed my eyes I met Tine, a girl from Belgium….