I woke up, up there on the north of Thailand, in Chiang Mai…surprisingly calm for a person that had no option of taking photos with her phone…Tablet that I took with me is so ancient and with so little memory, that workes really slowwwwww and it only has a front camera, of which quality is so low, that I gave up on thinking about using it at all…

…anyways…I woke up and above me I heard that sweet voice from Tine, with her “frenchy-english” accent (she is actually from Belgium), asking me if I want to join her to see the Wat Phrathat Dui Suthep temple on the mouintan. The name sounded funny and also she had such a good energy that I think I liked her immediately. I also immediately said YES. Soon after breakfast we joined other people in taxi, that drove us all the way to the top….and then he actually also waited fr us there for and hour and a half…such a nice old man.

So far I liked Chiang Mai very much.

The temple was beautiful, even from below….


….stairs to it were full of people….


….filled also with kids, being dressed festive, and…OHHHHH, I forgot to mention, that Tine lend me her phone for this temple visiting. She said, “Of course you can use it, if only you don’t drop it.” hehe….(I told her for my iPhone situation.). So I was again happy as a kid on a Christmas morning, with a possibility to take some pics.

……so as I said, this kids, dressed festive, of course I had to take one pic of them…


You see this little boy, looking quite angry?….he ran immediately to me after I “shot” him, and started to scream, “money! money! money!”….wtf?!…oh, yes…of course, ThaiLand, everyone is selling. Even kids….so pretty much of what you see, is what you have to pay. I was quite in shock…

Both of us took this stairs and entered this temple area….colorful, with nice pavement, up high, the top of temple of course all was flashing with golden shimmer, and all those bells hanging around…




Surrounding of the temple was also so colorful…I found these ones, that remembered of me, being without my phone.


They had some nice decoration too….with this romantic white setting, which I always imagine I will have once in my garden…I think they have a spanish origin?  πŸ™‚ anyways, yes I would have this set.


And of course some other beautiful, flashy things…A lot of peacocks, which reminded me of this insanely beautiful movie “I origins”, and of course I also immediately realised from where Tine’s voice sounds familliar, she has the same voice as this actress from this movie….I told her that. πŸ™‚


…she told me, that on this day, so on the 8th of may in Belgium is mothers day…And I believe this is no coincidence, that I found this statue….which had a special name….mom. πŸ™‚


….ohhhh, and upstairs there was also this beautiful pavilion, with Chinese horoscope symbols carved in the ceiling….I was nice. I found the Dog of course…


Then I think our hour and a half (of the taxi-driver-waiting-time) was over, so we slowly walked down the stairs and to our driver…

….took some time off between our next thing we decided to do.

THE FAMOUS Chiang Mai Sunday market. And we did a really smart thing I think. Our path began around 2p, but first we both were starving.

so. FOOD.


We found one local place…They had 4 dishes to pick from. FOUR. So, it was a hard decision as it always is when you are hungry… πŸ˜‰ NOT….I ordered a soup. A strange looking soup, but it was really good. REALLY GOOD…..and we ate with this white chopsticks…I had to had them. I already decided in my head that this ones are mine.  I asked the waiter if I could have them…of course he didn’t understood what I wanted, so he first brought me that common wooden one, still packed….and I said “NO, I want this white ceramic ones…I can pay, pleaseeeee!”…I think I had probably that big begging doggy eyes…I added also the lashes trick…and so he went to ask his boss……It took them quite a while…and then! YES. I bought them for 20 baht.

Another victory. Another “Christmas-morning-kids-happiness” πŸ™‚

…full of this noodle soup and with good feeling inside we than decided to wander around for temples…we found this really elegant one.. Black and gold…UFFF, such a marvelous work, carvings, paintings, decoration….Golden Buddha inside…It was…..perfect.

Except I really do not get this “Versailles-type’ of chandeliers…They most certainly do not fit inside…(and they had them in quite a lot of those temples….I think I found one or two by now, that had more appropriate hanging lamps…


….and also we found some others…This inner part of old Chiang Mai (half destroyed wall surrounds the old city) is full of them…


With wrong “era” chandeliers of course. OF COURSE I NOTICE THAT, it is a professional thing. πŸ˜‰


…..and then THE SUNDAY MARKET….we were lucky to enter to it when it only began, as later in the evening got soooooooooo crowded, you could barely move. Literally.


Of course some shopping was done. πŸ™‚

OK. “Some” is not a word to describe this “maniac” shopping spree that we did πŸ™‚ hehe….well….you know. It’s a women thing. And Tine didn’t try to stop me. She should. πŸ™‚ It was FUN.


…oh, have I told you I had the best “Green tea” ice cream in life? Oh yes, La Mango.


And I most certainly HAD to have a picture in their YYELLOWZZ THING.

The day was just perfect!