This day was all about elephants….or so it started.

We woke up really early (for vacation time), at 5:45am…..well…at least we all set optimisticly our alarms to that time, but I think the whole room extended snoozzzzzz up till 6.00 am. We had to be ready at 6:30 am, so….in general we had enoug of time.

I mean is not like we would have to prepare ouselves like we are about to perform on a LadyBoy show….or something.

The driver arived. And….he had the wierdest sound of his laugh ever…like a witch, but a male version of it. For a second ot two this didn’t make a safest feeling….

Oh, and he was on time. Which suprised me a bit, as I somehow got used to their easiness over time, over punctuality….drivers name was Lan and he was about to drive us for an hour and a half up to the jungle, to meet this nice animals, elephants, in their retrietment camp, called Into the Wild….

The drive itself was sooo funny, beside Tine and me, inside our van there were also Aliah from Usa (with origins from Croatia!! 🙂 how about that!) …she had this tatto on her foot, “strast”, which means “passion”, and I was so happy to meet her….then there were also Taneesha from London and Adam and Tom….two best friends also from London….If I remember correctly.


Anywaysss….we laughed to tears the whole way up to this Elephants shelter…they were so so funny. We also had a “hi-my-name-is-xy-and-this-is-a-crazy-fact-about-me” game, I hadn’t had so much laughs in a long time, crazy people and I am counting myself inside too of course, as I definitly had a crazy fact to share….

Finally we arrived, the other van of people seemd very calm, we were more like monkeys being just released in to the jungle.


Each of us took a bag filled with baby bananas, and we took our path down to where Lan took us….his little daughter was also wth us.

This one will break a heart or two…

……we could already hear their voices, their sounds, their calls for eachother, and finally….there they were….

I had a strange filling inside me. I can’t describe it…a mixture of excitement and a pinch of a fear….am I really getting so close to this big creatures? I wonder how they are…..a lot of thoughts went through my mind as we were walking closer to their home, their shelter.

We were advised to go on the terrace and just get ready, put mosquito spray on (I sprayed myself like I am in the middle of amazon area….well,  I certainly had learned my lesson with three bites in one night, the very last night in bungalov in Koh Lanta) and waited for furter instructions….

In the meantime, mama-elephant put her nose in our business. Literally. 😀


For the first time in my life I touched an elephant….almost in its natural enviroment….skin was so rough, but the presence of her was…..just soooooo still, she was so peacefull….she looked calm…..here eyes were calm….wow…I felt amazing.

We than had a short lecture about their shelter, about the way they live with elephant as they are one tribe….I loved that. I am so very against riding them for money, for business, for turists who support this by wanting that “amazing experience by riding them”. If turists would stop to do that, people here would realize, that riding-elephants business won’t make any money, so they would have to do something else. 

Maybe create a shelter, like this one?


I am also against that “tiger-visiting-in-person” thing. They must put so much drug into them! Come on, which tiger in its own nature would wait for you to make a selfie with him?! You would be his lunch in a second and that selfie would never happen.

Huh. Now I got a bit angry and out of my story. But, just please stop supporting that kind of torture by being a numb turist.

Back to “Into the wild”. 

They try to treat elephants as natural as possible, the elephants are not closed up, they live in an open space, men who work here try to act as if all three elephants and all the men are one tribe. One of them was there as the little baby elephant was born. Their connection is incredible, they seem like brothers in a way…I was blown away.

This is their fb page Into The Wild so next time you are in Chiang Mai, come and visit them, a full or a half day of helping to take care of them is the support you can give.

…ok…now I feel better. So where was I? Oh, yes the lecture part.

After that we gathered, had a task to separate bananas into smaller pieces, and went out to feed them. We also took a walk with them into the forrest.

I had the honor to walk by the baby boy.


 Jungle-looking forrest had also some places where we stopped a bit, to rest, to feed them…


….and then…there was the next instruction. Take your clothes off, just bathing suits on, and….we go bathing. Yeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!
But. Not in water. 



Pure, stinky, dirty mud. Oh… ok.


We did it. Full mud bath. With elephants. And whoever by any chance didn’t have enough mud on itself, got it from someone immediately. 

We put mud on every part of elephants skin, to protect them from mosquitos…..


…..and then we took an all-covered-in-mud picture, yeah, that is a memory.

Then followed the water bathing, we all needed it. 

For sure. 

Baby elephant enjoyed himself so much, he was jumping arround, went full under water, this was so amazing….such a good feeling….

After that, elephants went up to the shelter house, we took a bath….to clean ourselves. A bit of sunbathing and then snacks-lunch time….

after that we slowlly said good bye…

It was an amazing experience…


Our drive back wasn’t so in laughter but more in silent….We all fell asleep.

Well after all, it was a fully fulfilled day.

The sleep continued in hostel as well, after a normal shower of course. We all slept like babies.

Afternoon was gone in a dreams…..and than, as Tine and I agreed already before in the ride up to the elephabts, the evening will be about a LadyBoy show and it is what we want to see…well it wasn’t such a hard decision, after Taneesha, Aliah, Adam and Tom told us how much fun they had….

Zach, Alexia and Elsje joined us and so we went to the Night market on one part of Chiang mai…at first we had quite a trouble finding them, as each time we asked for a LadyBoy show, everone became just embarassed, and said they don’t know…finally we found one girl who pointed us in the right direction….

…..So we finally found them.

The Chiang Mai Cabaret.


We sat in te front row.

Where else.  😀

So it began. 

First things first. One “not-so-lady-like” ladyboy opened the show.

Went across the public and of course….kissed ALL MEN in the room….







I was so in shock, that I just couldn’t get what happened. Of course our group started to laugh so hard….come on!?!?! Srsly. Why me!?!

I still have trauma from that, you know.


(Tom explained to me the next day, when I told the whole room what happened, that probabbly LadyBoy realised he is basicly a man when he saw me. 🙂 …..hehe, nice try)…I still can’t get over it. 


Maybe is because of my height? For their standards I am a giant anyways.

….so……the show went on….everyone was happy,but me…..I was just in shock. 😉

BUT….I was also soooo amazed by their clothes, make-up, performance….uffff!






They even had Rihanna. Imagine that.


The best three of them, Rihanna of course and the other two, took picture with us….. For a memory.

Some memory it is.

Traumatic one. 😉

And thank you Elsje, for sending me pics from the show. ❤