Planes are magic…

If last year Nives only drove me to the airport, this year, she is actually driving the plane. 😊 Just kidding guys, she didn’t only drove me, she also kept me company while waiting for my flight. 

Anywayz, you know the saying, “Work hard, play harder.”? Well, we both got up at 5.00 this morning. Not to party, but both to finish last details for our projects. So. Returning back to that saying. We are definitely going to enjoy this trip, as it is earned in blood, sweat and tears. Ok, no blood was spilled, but the rest is true.

….and so it begins. 

Day one. 

Are we packed? 

Well. Probably yes. All those “I’ll take this just in case” things that I know now we will never ever need, landed in backpacks, and when carrying later this heavy beasts, we will definitely remember the reason, why we shouldn’t have taken them. And we didn’t exaggerate. But you know. Women. We just never know, how the next morning the feeling will be, and so an extra (five) t-shirt is necessary. 😁
Oh….and another thing. Our flight is in the afternoon. In Zagreb. But we leave at 10.00. Due to egotrip things between our countries, borders are almost the same as our waiting lists in health care. So we really do not want to miss this flight….Hopefully.

Do you wanna come with us? πŸ™‚ Well…..Planes are magic, they take you to another part of the earth and no one knows how. So….Just turn on your device and enjoy the days with us…

Let’s do this.