Is the trip stil on?! 

On monday morning I kissed and smushed my two monsters goodbye, I think they knew I am going away for some time….Stef had that suspicious look in his eyes…or is just the fact that he doesn’t see straight since little, and I was simply to emotional.
Anywayz….I said Bye Stef, Bye Sofi….and went to my neighbour, who also has 3 monsters, and will (hopefully) happily take care of my two in the mean time….we drank one coffee, talked about this and that and than I went….

They came for me. Yup, almost the whole NIves’s family came to pick me up, I told her that THAT is so convenient, to meet them all at once, no time wasted-the whole package. 😉

Her dad is an architect too, and so the arrival to the airport was special….finally I wasn’t the only one starring up, with my mouth open, and just admiring this beauty of Zagreb’s airport….Guys…Wow…respect…this is just amazing….They really did an amazing job…This Is brand new. Opened maybe for a week….wow. 

So you remember, we went quite early from Ljubljana, yes? Well….this part was done perfectly. Arrived to the airport at around noon….we drank one coffee together and then their parents and her sweet niece left…

So here we were…on the airport, with tons of time to spend….or flight was at 18:40….so 6,5 hours to go….so I said, ok. We have a habit of talking and completely forgetting about time, so just in case I will set the clock at 17.00…we both agreed, and that was that.

I guess we truly turned off our brains from work, relaxed and just started to talk about bazzilion things….ate one tiny salad, drank some wine….and talked some more….

So now it’s finally officially cleared out why in this following week in Slovenia you will have blizzards, potentially even snow. 😉

The clock went off and we went to the gates….and for no particular reason-ok I was hungry-starving….she apparently was too-so we just stopped, for our last meal…burgers of course. 

I saw the seats that are usually close to the gates, and so we sat there at arround 18:00 eating our yummy burgers…when I heard one lady, that was passing by, saying “Dohe!?”….she turned away, and again I heard “Dohe!?”….I asked-repeated out loud “Dohe??”….she looked at us, angry like hell and said, we are closing the gates. We are waiting only for you two. 



(Pardon my french)

We just jumped up, with half of burgers between our teeth and ran for life.

Gate No.27. 



Boy we ran fast….oh my God, this was truly a warm up. 🙂 Arrived on the plane, everyone already seating….uf.


My heart was pounding, I just sat there…not being able to think. My head was empty.

What the hell just happened?!

I just….sat there….collecting myself…..Gosh….they waited only for us two….

I suddenly realized what a lucky monkeys we are. 

And of course I wouldn’t be me if I would not had at least one joke about it…I had to say it, to clear the shock out of me, that in reality, Zagreb airport just got their very first training in what to do, when two potatos are more hungry and focused in burgers, than interested in flying to vacation. 


I guess our trip is still on???


And don’t think we didn’t eat also on the plane. Oh yes we did. I blame it on the stress. 😉 Pure stress.

So…we immediately took off. 

Slovenia, Croatia….bye bye….Doha, here we come. 

As I really can’t sleep on the plane, the usual menu of the movies comes along….this flight I watched Collateral beauty…Letters to death, time and love….

The loss of a child…the loss of will to live.

Confronted by exactly what suits each player in the game…life gives us exactly what we need. 

Always. Life is always precise. 

What a beautiful movie.
Everyone around me is sleeping. Nothing new about that. Me. Awake like crazy.

Nives is on autopilot, with her eyes closed….so all is good.

I had time to fly away with my thoughts and feelings….holding my love close to me…..then I saw the reflection of the sun in the moon far in the distance….
I smiled. 

Everything is going to be ok.


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  1. Petra! 😃💖
    I’m sooo exited to read ur blog! It’s like I was with u… looking forward to more and of course – the pictures!!
    Have all the fun u can handle and more! 😃😆🎉🎊🍾🥂🙏😎 love, Mel

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