Just flying.

After we came from our almost-not-gonna-happen plane, we decided that with the next plane, we will be a bit more serious. So we went straight ahead to the gates…time really flies as well, when in the airports…we thought, ahh, surely we will have some spare time this time….but no….as soon as we arrived to the gates, they were already open….well, at least we made it on time. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

And the color combinations of waiting lobbies was eye catching…..professional disorder, what can I say. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The second flight was 9 hours long….

Yeah…I know.

Nives is kinda’ new with planes, so she decided, she will drive us a bit slower this time….

As I barely ever sleep on the plain, I usually get so tired, that all I can do is joke, and laugh to my jokes so hard, I cry. 

Yeah…I know. 

I’m weird. 

But at least I get a good laugh at myself….

And maybe I manage to get people around me to at least smile. Well, she laughed and cried out at the same time too. Gosh we are tired. Really really tired. On our feet since 5.00 on monday morning….

This trip, this vacation really is something we both need.

Finally we landed. We waited a bit for our small wrapped backpacks and searched for our driver. 
I felt like a movie star ๐Ÿ˜‰

There he was, our driver. Probably fell asleep waiting for us with our delay…drove us to our small hotel, we immediately just put our stuff inside, showered and just went out to the beach for a beer or two…

We sat on sandbags, enjoying our beer…There was this band, playing extremely good….and suddenly I had a wish…Hootie&the blowfish, I desired the song OnlyLoney….

He sang “let her cry”, which gave me goosebumps….

….the evening was beyond perfect.

….later on….we walked back to our cute little place and before I remember to say goodnight, we were both asleep. 
Exhausted. And happy.