Yeeees madam, we cheap-we fair…you happy, me happy. 

The first morning to wake up in Bali was strange….I opened my eyes and for a second or two I didn’t know where I was….

oh. 🙂


Me. Happy.

What was the plan? Well we sure didn’t had one special…. Eating, drinking, beach’ing…sleeping and repeating.

And we rocked at it. 

After an amazing breakfast at this cute little thing called Unadasa, we simply went to the beach…the warmth…..the first view of the beach…first bare walk in sand….this is what I always remember…

….few minutes after we found our sun beds,  I ran into the water like a kid, I adore the sea…waves were quite big, there were some surfers in the water, some learning and some already riding them good…I just jumped in and screamed, out of pure happiness…

YES! This. Is. It.

….our day was pretty laid back, nothing out of the ordinary happened, so we had to spice things up a little bit….

Like this:

Mojitos taste even better in Bali. 😉

I must admit I have checked the weather forecast for next few days, and there was the storm sign for all days. Well guys if this is the storm we will have, than let me know where do I sign.

There was only a little darker in the sky, but other wise, no rain or anything. We were just hiding and waiting….. 😉

The colors of the beach are united. 

We spent also the evening here, so I would say we had a pretty little lazy day. 

Exactly what we planned.

Without plan.


Colors continued the next morning at breakfast….

…where we decided to search for another beach a bit outside this place…

Let’s say Balangan? Yes. Balangan. 

And our decision was questioned the moment we sat in the cab. 

No no, no Balangan. Balangan is for foto only. 

Go to Padang-Padang. 

Oh yeah? Why? 

Better. For swim. 

Ok. Than Padang-Padang. 

And then you go Jimbaran. To eat. 


There is good sea-food. You know. Cheap. We are fair. You know. We cheap. 

Ok. Jimbaran after Padang-Padang. 

Okeeeey madam. You happy. Me happy. 

Ok sir you happy. Lets just go. 

Where to madam? Padang-Padang, or maybe Blue-something beach?

What?! Oh my gosh. Mister. I already said. Padang-Padang. Ok? 




Yeeeees madam.

We fair, we cheap. You happy, we happy.

We fair, we cheap. You happy, we happy.

We fair, we cheap. You happy, we happy.

….This went on the whole ride.

 Yes. We stopped the meter and bargained the price, but boy he was talking like he has a “Late-night-show” inside this cab. 

I almost wanted to walk. 


Finally we arrived to this beach. Nice place, I loved it….we found a spot in the shadow, as we didn’t want to get potato skin any time soon now. Thank you.

This beach was small and cute, even more of surfers…As I was in the water, and the waves were waving me around….

…..I had that happy moment inside me….

….we were here for quite some time, water was a bit colder and the vibe was very nice……..and then few hours later we suddenly both became crazy starving…ok, are we ready for this famous Jimbaran? 


Let’s go.

Both a bit cranky, we couldn’t wait to finally eat. 

And what we got? 


A big fat bag of nothing. And boy we paid for it. 

No feelings, pure industry. 

This red things were of course only shell and water an a sample of crab inside. They call it “Super crab”

I would call it. “Super crap”.

Jimbaran was also full of turists, I almost felt like on Saturday morning in shopping centre in Ljubljana.

And the sunset? Forgettable. 

Nothing special.

Baygons’ Jimbaran. This wasn’t nice. Sorry.

The drive back was again a chitty-chatty one. This driver definitely doesn’t have an “off” button. 🙂 ….we just nodded him for everything and waited to be finally home.

We redressed in our cute little boutique hotel and hit our beach again. With live music, with beer…and that was what we needed.

Oh. And yes. We also ate one pizza.

Well…you know…we were hungry. 🙂