It’s a sharing thing.

We actually woke up at noon. 

Srsly. We woke up half dead. 

I asked. Is this jet lag? 

Hm. Could be. 

Ok, if it is, in what direction then? 

You know that COW LOOK, when you have absolutely no idea. We looked at each other and started to laugh. 

Ok. Breakfast? Lunch?

Breakfast. If this IS jet lag, than breakfast is natural and logical thing right?

I am starving.

Yes Petra, nothing new about you, let’s go.

We walked for some time, saw some beautiful things, not food-wise…but cool as well. 😉


With food….we have one cool rule, that we go where things call us. It probably sounds strange, but you know when some place just says “hi”. And you reply by entering and before you realize, you already are ordering your second smoothie.

Our call was at Sacred Ground. 

Appealing yyellowzz-greyish-industrial-funky place, where we immediately parked our behinds, ordered coffee, strange-tasted juices, avocados, eggs and god-knows-what-else and didn’t understand the hell of what that guy was saying, when he only was trying to repeat our order. 

This place….and the food. M M M. 

Despite language complications, we got exactly what we desired.

As our morning started at noon, the “not-gonna-happen storm was about to happen around 2pm…it became so dark, we almost needed to turn on the lights. Even flies came inside to wait for the storm to pass. 

Again nothing actually happened. 

But we did booked a stunning little hotel in Ubud in the meantime. 

We hit “high-five” for this little victory….

……and wanted to pay for the food as the guy made a classic joke on me with “no-madam-your-credit-card-is-declined”, both of our cards were miraculously declined…so it must be the system, or as I call it “show me the money” (or as we say it at home: “pare na sunce” pa to). 

As in all the processes I didn’t get it, I just said ok, you wait here and I go rob an ATM of a few millions.

I did that. Ony the ATM was almost in Java. 

Even if I try really hard NOT to exercise, somehow I end up running around the town. In the highest temperature, humid to die of and of course overdressed. 

So again I got an exercise for free.

Even the dog, my temporary pet, looked at me strange. (I named him Zdravko)

As I came back sweating like hell, we payed and just took off. 

Ok. Can we do something more calm for a change today? We went back to hotel, took our stuff and decided to see one temple on one side od Seminyak.

Do we book a cab?

Naah…We’ll bargain. 

So we came to this spot where usually I would delete them from scene- just because they are sooooo annoying with their constant “taxi, taxi?” sounds-now we needed them. Ok. Let’s do this.

Taxi madam?


Where to?

Petitenget temple.

Ok madam. 120.000.

Haha, no way, 50.000. Its a 10 minutes drive.

Noooooo maaaam’, no, is more than 10minutes. 80.000?

Look, no way, I know the road (no idea) and I know how much it costs. No worries, we go to another.

Ok ok, for you 60.000

60.000? Ok.

Let’s go.

And so we did. 🙂

I like this funny every-day–take-give-dealing-things, it reminds me it’s all just a game, and it’s so cool to play.

…the road was a bit longer than 10 minutes, maybe 20 or something, but hey, who is counting? 😉

We arrived, hit directly inside this brick built temple, put our sarongs on and just admired this peaceful place….oh…so alluring…so enchanting…or maybe just because this was in fact our first temple do far….maybe after we will see four or five of them, I will be like “meh, its ok”…

….but this one had something….ok. maybe the fact that the lady-that quietly approached us-said, where are we from, that we look like sisters and both so beautiful☺️…or maybe it was that she actually let us go inside. INSIDE…in the area where they pray….

I felt lucky. And happy….

(did I mention that this year I took my camera with me, so “unfortunately” in my phone-I am writing about this trip on my phone-I don’t have so many pics of our trip)

……a few moments and a couple of millions of photos later, we were naturally dragged to the sea that was so near…as it was afternoon, the beach was kind of empty, but still so radiant…with its waves, that photogenic dog, and us trying to look like “Bond girls” ….only dressed.

….and then slowly we went back to the town…we didn’t walk long when we both almost at once said “massage?!” …come on. Stop reading my mind. We just took the first one. Funny name, but with a good massage people. The lady actually walked over me. Also jumped a bit on my lower back part. I didn’t complain when she asked a few times if I was ok…She managed to walk over me in a good way, as after massage I felt like a jelly bean. This was good.


What next?

I don’t know for you but I am starving.

Again nothing new from you. Where to? 

Hm….don’t know, let’s walk a bit and we will, as usual, see something that will say to us, “hi there”…

There was this sign….”…to Seminyak square”…..It was already quite dark….

…do we check this? Yup. Let’s go…

…the road was dark and narrow, almost as we would walk in one small tunnel…..when finally the town vibe appeared in front of us. 

Ouyeah. This is good. I love it! What a crowd, so many lights, traffic, people….

Look….Ginger moon. 

How about this? 

It sounds cool, lets go in.

It was definitely the right place. 

Filled with warm lights, decoration, crowded with people, and some good smells….staff was super-duper easygoing and friendly, so we immediately felt like home and of course ordered one litre of sangria. Ok. We don’t live in Spain, I am only referring to quantity. 

And to eat?

This menu, called “bucket menu” sounded perfect, as in fact we had no idea what we will actually eat.

The food was to die for. 

I was in (food) heaven.

My heaven will definitely have some of the best world chefs, and a few good local markets from all over the world. Just so you know.

Oh, we even had a power-cut of electricity, but again, I am not quite sure if maybe it was only part of the show. 😉

Oh by the way, how about this cool wifi password:

After a divine dinner, we called a cab, to drive us home. He drowe so slow we could walk but we didn’t wanted to. Not that we wore heels or something, we were just lazy. Super lazy.

And that was our last Seminyak day.

So bye bye you old pal……Ubud, see you tomorrow morning.