Mosquito repellent goes wild.

We got up early, ate again their delicious breakfast….

….and in no time the cab arrived.

Where to madam?


Okkkkey. Ubud.

We had jet again another chity-chaty driver, suggesting to stop in many different places along the road to Ubud…silver factory, fabric painting, clothes market behind this door…and so on…

…for me Ubud was far more exciting to see, than wait in queue to see how they paint and of course to buy something that they paint especially for you on that fabric…

…so we instructed the driver, to just drive straight to Ubud. 

Finally we arrived….the vibe of the city immediately thrilled me, I liked it the second we arrived to our Jalan-Hanoman-something street. 

He left us at the entrance to the small street to our little hotel…

….when we entered their front yard, we both were a bit disappointed…what the hell is this? 

But then…we were directed to go a bit further inside….

…..oh my Buda, we were both astonished, both with our mouth open. 

This was just paradise. Bucu house.

Pool, greenery, palms, little stone roads…oh hello again. Nice to meet you house Bucu. 
Our room was not ready yet….this nice friendly guy, that welcomed us, said: “in one hour please return, will be ready then, ok? ”

Ok :)))

Let’s go see the town yes? 

🙂 ouyeah!

….so we left our stuffed backpacks there and just went out for a nice cup of coffee. 

Of course we ended at this famous Kafe, sat down and just let the town vibe soak in….the place was cool, people inside smiling all the time….I wanted to try their version of coffee with cardamom…it was good. A bit too much of it, as I am more into espresso size of coffe with cardamom, but it was tasty, spicy a bit, so all good.

One hour lasted for almost three hours, when we decided to go back and slowly dragged ourselves back to hotel…both took a shower, didn’t bother to unpack and immediately decided we will go back to town, to explore it, to see Water temple, to eat.

After all I was starving. 

Almost became pale 😉 hehe…almost.

As we walked along our Hanoman street, we found a place that I honestly don’t remember the name, but boy I do remember the tuna I’ve had. Coriander sprinkled all over. 

I was a happy kiddo.
Just give me food and I am happy. 

After some time we said ok, let’s see now at least this temple. 

It will be enough for today yes? 

And so we went…the streets are full of “taxi-taxi” and “pareo” shouting people, shops full of clothes, dust-collectors in any case at some point we turned left into Ubud market…we forgot about Water palace, this was far more interesting.

“Pareo? You want pareo?” ” look here, one dollar, only one dollar!”, look here, try try!”….this truly is a test for your patience, as even your smiling “no thank you” isn’t enough…
“What if I tell the first one in the row, to tell all others, that I am not buying anything today, and they tell to all forward this note?”

Well, than they will ask: “Maybe tomorrow?” 

They offer pareo and glasses even if you are dressed in pareo and you wear glasses.

Hopeless case. 🙂 

….and so we were wondering around, went in some direction and suddenly realized, we are going in a way that definitely doesn’t go towards the temple we wanted to see…turned around and started our way to it….

There were some nice details though around the town…

As we came to main Ubud street, there was no sign of this temple.

“I know is quite big. It has water in it….”

As we were searching, we found in the way this sweet young girls dancing their traditional dance….we just stopped and watched…there was something sacred about their dance, all of them obeying their teacher with respect, all of them like in trance….I loved it….

Again we returned to main street, searching for our temple. As after few failed tries of questioning locals and turists we sat down and gathered our thoughts. 

Ok. So where is this water temple? No one knows for it? Is not that small…than one lady said, “oh water temple? You mean Lotus temple?”

We looked at each other and said, maybe that’s it? Don’t know….

We entered this one, full of lotus flowers, plants. There was something special going on, so the access was at one point limited.
Nives wasn’t sure if this is it, because no one is bathing here. Well, to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t bathe in this water either. 
But yes, it was true, this definitely wasn’t the temple we were looking for….but it was nice one, I admit.

So. The question remains. Where is Water temple? 

As we were returning slowly back to our hotel, we found an agency, we booked a Sunday trip, that actually included trip to Water temple. 

Spring water temple. 

Oh. Ok. That is the one.

Ok, now I want the pool. You up for it? 

Mhm. Let’s go. 

We returned home, jumped into swimsuits and went to the pool….ahh. Yes. 

This is the cherry on top for the day.

……as we were enjoying pool, we remembered we wanted to go to one meditation that was happening close….

….we came into the room…..and she went to take a shower, as a second later she ran out screaming like someone is cutting her leg away!!!!!! 

“What?!?!!! What is it????? 

Aaaaaa, babe, is a cockroach, a big fat nasty cockroach!!!!!!! This is grose, oh my god, I hate them!” 

And there he was, big brown thing. Yup. Not looking nice at all. I honestly never saw one…

Ok. What to do? 

….he was fast as crazy….so I took my mosquito repellent, and sprayed him so much, that he will never be bitten by a mosquito again, of that I am sure. 

But he was though. 

This only maybe slowed him down a bit, but he still wasn’t ready to quit this game. 

Ok. How to get him out of our apartment…hm….let me think. 

I took a cup, tore some paper from magazine, and tried to catch him like that. 

Finally I was fast enough, caught him under, closed the cup with paper and throw him out. 

We finally started to breathe normally, took that shower, redressed in to cozy things and went to YogaBarn, to enjoy our first TibetanBowl meditation…

It was….pure heaven…I adore sound…I just closed my eyes and surrendered myself….


……at this hour Ubud was surprisingly quiet and empty…after all it was around ten thirty, so I just hoped we will find something to eat…and we did. 

Not only that. 

There was a live band, that played jazz music…so again we found a great place. 
Siam Sally. 

Oh, and you know what? In memory of Thailand I ordered Tom yam. A spicy one of course. 🙂 

…this was really good. The music was so cool, guys singing from their heart, you could see how much they are enjoying themselves….and so did we.

….we talked for almost two hours, enjoying our food and Bintangs….and then again in slow rhythm returned back to hotel.

If first cockroach will never be bitten by a mosquito again, the second one unfortunately didn’t survive this fight.

I took another cup, and when running around the room to catch him, I accidentally cut him in half. 

Yikes. Sorry mister. 

We calmed down and decided that it is enough for today.

Good night Ubud, thank you for the adrenaline welcome. 😉