Cat poop without milk please…

This morning started early…everyone was still in their dreams, when I found my spot on one sunbed aside the pool…crossed my legs, turned on my 2 songs, and breathed into my meditation….

I love mornings like this.
Even here, all was quiet, you know that early morning sounds, that are just so hollow, so silent….

….at the end I already felt the warmth of the sun rising, smiled and just knew, this day will be exceptional.

Breakfast was being served in one little open cottage by the pool and we ordered our usual SunnySide Eggs and coffee…

At nine we were all ready and waiting at the end of our street, for our adventure. 

Driver was late. I don’t like that. Ok. 10 minutes. Probably that is no time here in Bali. 🙂 Or we were just nervous to finally see this Spring Water palace, that we hopelessly searched for yesterday throughout the Ubud centre 🙂

In any case. We were finally on our way. He drove us out of Ubud, through the streets filled with furniture. Oh my Buda, so much of everything….you name it, they carved it out of wood. Pretty funky stuff, I must say…I honestly don’t remember where I have already seen some of these pieces…(internal joke-don’t ask me to explain 🙂 )

….finally we saw the rice fields…we stopped and he said he will wait, so you just go and enjoy yourselves….Yes sir we will!

WooooHoooo babe, let’s go, this looks like paradise….

And it was.

….at entrance there were small kids, selling something of course…the first young kiddo immediately approached me….To sell me postcards….Not that I needed one.

“Please buy, it’s for….” 

“No girl, I really don’t need it…”

“yes buy buy, only 50.000”

“50.000?” “Ok I will buy one pack…. I only have 100.000, will you give me back 50.000?” 

“No, don’t have. Buy two so my frend don’t cry”

“….I am sorry what?…hehe, ok, no problem then, if you don’t have the return money, I won’t buy…”

“Wait, I have.”

“Oh, you have. Ok, you are good.”

And so I bought a pack of 6 postcards, that their resolution of pics in it is so bad, you wouldn’t know that they are from Bali, if it wasn’t written below on the card.  🙂

But I do admire this girls selling skills. Maybe she had 6 years. And she insisted, also tried some tricks, I smiled, she was good.

After this win-win (with bad pixels) I finally descended toward rice fields below…got lost in it, so much of green color, so much of order in this “chaotic” roads between fields..I loved it…almost burned my camera of clicking…

….should I mention that somewhere on the half of the road to the other side of this canyon of rice fields, there was this lady, collecting donations for the bridge. 

Ok. Donation. 

So, ok, I said I will give something to support one bridge somewhere…and the second I took the money out, she said, “not enough, you have to give 10.000 more!”…”I am sorry, what?”

“Yes. 10.000 more.”

“Madam. It is a donation. I give what I want, don’t you think?” 

“No. It’s 10.000 more than that.”

“Ok, my dear lady…..I am sorry but I just decided I won’t donate for this bridge this time. Ok? Maybe next time…Sorry, I wanted to give, but donations really don’t work like this.”

…..she was offended, but I just couldn’t help here. Sometimes I am to hard, but hey, it’s life. Sometimes it’s hard also for me.

Took a few deep breaths, took a few steps further and just let it out…

There were some really good views, sun was helping me a lot, although I prefer taking photos when sun is not so flashy….

….we slowly returned back on the other side, climbed back to our driver and desired a coffee, as we hadn’t had a good one this morning.

He said “no madam, not coffee here, we go to Coffee farm and there coffee for you.”

“But we want normal coffee.”

“What do you mean normal, you don’t want to try Luwak coffee?”

“Oh….ooooohhhhh. THAT coffee.”

Nives and I shared that look again.

“Yes sir, cat poop coffe it is!”

….and so we took off from rice fields….and in no time we arrived to this farm….that was in the middle of the jungle…one young man approached us, and asked to be followed….led us through this forest…showing us this flower and that tree….with all this herbs, all this flora, we smelled lemongrass, cinnamon, ylang-ylang….boy I love this scents….

Than we came to this cages, with some sort of strange-looking-cat-aka-weasel-like puffy things, running around…They had sad eyes…

….further in the jungle there was this preparation area for this Luwak coffee….when I saw this poops in basket I couldn’t believe my eyes…

it looked like real coffee beans….

they clean it, dry it…roast it….crash and ground it to get out this beautifully colored coffee….

I admit. I had my mouth open. This is strange. 



For real?

I guess so.

“Ok. I will try it. I will.”

….and so we did. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you:

Luwak coffee. Poop coffee. And it actually tastes good. And yes, I survived.

….we also got a variety of coffees & tea, maybe for a distraction? 😉 joking. 

These too were mnyummy. 

Of course we tried all of them. Ginger tea, ginseng coffee, lemon tea, cardamom coffee, ect….all good except a bit to sweet for my taste, but I just enjoyed them all. 🙂

Then it was a time to move on.

Back on the way we robbed their store, Nives bought Chilli packs, I bought soap. Scents to die for….uffff.

We finally managed to find our driver and then we were heading toward Spring water Temple. 

Now this is what we were searching for the other day…..let’s go! :)))))) we were excited!

…Or maybe it was the cat poop that gave us the energy? 😉 hehe.

This temple was exceptional….building with all that water coming out, so many of them waited in lines…I just found my favorite photography scene. The light was good, colors and people, all as a perfect scene….

I think I lost my track of time, as suddenly I realized I couldn’t see Nives…ran out, went in the direction further on that I assumed she went, but I couldn’t find her. I got so scared…ran immediately back to our “last-seen” spot and waited….Looking around nervously….as there was bo sign of her…then in a far distance I saw her scarf, ran out again and shouted her name…..I completely forgot we were in temple, where loud noises are forbidden….but than again I didn’t care. All I cared was, that I found her. Uf. My heart was up in the sky of beating….this was an adrenaline shock…

We calmed down, everything is ok.

Went around the temple together and I silently promised myself, I will never loose sight of her again….

The road back to the parking lot was again a market full of stuff you buy but you really don’t need. So we just didn’t bought anything. 😉

This is all a temptation test. It truly is. 

But we were strong in our focus not to buy.

….the last but not least stop was Rocky temple….here it started to rain so much we actually had to find a shelter…some locals also gathered under this roof and waited for the rain to stop, with us…

One of the chatty lady was working with this electric pink cord…

It finally did stop raining…

And a split of a second the sun was here, all strong and shiny and like there was no rain before, it was super hot and humid back on our menu. Not that I am complaining, your weather in Europe is pretty cold I suppose, so for me hot and humid is fine, really….

This area was mysterious, full of carved rocks, shadows and shapes…greenery, flowers, water …

… we descended before, we now had to climb back up to where the driver had left us. 


Quite a challenge, if you add 90% humid and a sun. 🙂 

Did I mention we were hungry? Or at least me. Starving. Uf.

The next stop? Waterfall. Ok.

We saw a waterfall in the distance, took few photos of it-

-and decided very fast that we need to eat. Something.

Coconut. Thank you.

And so I was a happy kiddo again.

….the afternoon we both agreed to spend by and in the pool. Bought beer(s) on the way home and almost ran into that water…this was again a beautiful finish to a great day.

We were laying in water, rescuing the world with our deep conversations…when suddenly Nives went to see if toilet is working….and you know what. I bet that the second she closed the door behind her, the power went out. Not only of the hotel, but I believe half of town was dark. 

I started to laugh…I couldn’t believe my eyes….how in gods sake this had to happen now??? NOW?

We actually were in dark till very late in the evening, I think it was midnight when air conditioner started to swing, lighting went on, everywhere was suddenly light. 

Good morning? 🙂

No…good night Ubud, we almost had to watch television with candles. 😉