I just love food. 

Especially on holidays, I love to try all kinds of different stuff from locals, want to know what they like, how they cook, love their passion for creating something sometimes out of so little ingredients…

Our last day in Ubud was actually prolonged, because we planned something else, but then we decided we just love this place so much, we wanted some more of it.

So after breakfast, our day started pretty lazy, doing nothing by the pool, reading, swimming and hiding from strong sun. 

We finally gave up hiding as it has become unbearable and also because we were starving. 


Nothing new about that.

Where to?

πŸ™‚ ….that look again.


Oh yeah.

By now we would find it blindly. 

Their food?

I fell in love.

My lunch can only be described as:

“Please, bring me another one.”

Simple roasted chicken on a salad, with some-kind-of-secret-and-little-bit-spicy-but-ohhhh-sooooo-gooood dressing, sesame and I ordered a little cup of coriander, I thought it would go great with it. And it did.

I really ordered another one. 

After all I am not so small.


This was really really good. Even now when I’m writing, I am hungry πŸ™‚ Can’t help myself. 

….we than went around the town. We both craved for a goooooood coffee as well….and I remembered that I saw the other day one hidden place, not so visible from the street….there it was. Anomali cafe 


We were happy. After a really looooooong time we finally got a proper coffee. Mine was with hazelnut flavor….

We were just sitting there… their nice atmosphere, the place is just cool.

…then the city vibe called us out again and some time later we were back on the street, just walked around without any plan….

Some nice details from the street πŸ™‚

….as I am also a scents addict I couldn’t helped myself, so I think we stopped at quite some of their soap and scents shops…I bought a “tuberose” soap…this scent…oh my gosh…you have to smell it…just perfect.

We then remembered that we hadn’t booked a transport to Gili islands, so we went to one agency and just checked that from the list.

Gili Trawangan it is. Tomorrow morning at 7.00 we are on our way to the first of those little pearls of Indonesia….

Did we stop this evening with enjoying? Nope. One french bar was looking great, so we tried one cocktail, and after a looooooong talk, we than slowly dragged ourselves back to our little hotel…I felt like we both didn’t want to just call it IT with this town…

And we didn’t.


After arriving to our room, none of us could fall asleep….we just laughed and talked and again became hungry. 

What is this? We only eat?! πŸ™‚

You know what?


Bintang and a potato chips! You up for it?

Hell yeah.

And so we went. At 23 pm in our pajamas to the first store closest to our hotel.

And the evening was just the way I like it.

Andreja this one is for you: