Eyes are the mirror of the soul…

….our alarm was set on 7:30am but we prologued it a bit longer. Maybe for one hour. As the shower was not working and room only had one ceiling ventilator, we felt beaten up…but ok…I am sure we will forget about it soon….

We than slooooowly got up, packed and wanted to pay, to leave this place asap. Of course you can-not pay with card. Cash only. 

So I borrowed their bike and cycled to find one nearest ATM….so I searched…only the third one was willing to give me money. Strange thing….anywayz. 

Came back covered in sweat. Again I got an exercise for free. 🙂 I am pretty sure somebody up there is seriously trying to tell me something. 🙂

….and sooooo I gave him the money…and turned around when he asked me, “where are you going now?” I said “Gili Meno, with speed boat”….”oh, but you are very late, they leave at 9.00 am…” 

“I am sorry, what?!”

“Yes, 9.00.”

“Nives, shit, that is in 15 minutes! Pack it up, let’s go!!!”

You can imagine the panic, so I won’t even try to describe it, again another exercise for free. 

And than we ran! So fast even Forrest Gump would be proud of us. 

As we landed in front of the ticket office OF COURSE there was a row of people before us, slowly buying and talking with sales girl at the counter. Ah, yes, no worries guys, we have time. Keep talking. 🙂

The lady than, when finally was our turn to buy tickets, said, that the boat leaves at 9:30 am. Ufffffffff. Ok. We have time to cool down.

First victory of the day.

….in half an hour she happily announced something in balinese and pretty confused something in english…so yes, no-one understood what she just said.

I am amazed by the “sheep syndrome” when a lot of people started to gather by the beach in a row, and when I asked some of them, where this boat goes, no one knew. They stood in line because others stood in line. 

Wow. Ok.

But for me this won’t do.

So I approached the guy on the boat and asked, where it goes? 

Gili Meno madam. Thank you sir.

And so that was cleared up, we were on our way.

….islands are really close, so the drive lasted for about 15 minutes… 

Gili Meno, hello. 

Oh, what a soft and zen vibe this island has…I loved it immediately. The energy…ufff.

We first sat ourselves down in one bar. Our usual procedure when we arrive somewhere new. To gather thoughts or simply to eat, drink and slowly adapt to the new.

After absorbing the colors, the peace and the silence of this island, we agreed is time to find our hotel, our bungalows…

And so we put our heavy backpacks on and started our journey to the center of the island. As we walked and walked, we went deeper into the jungle, with less and less people and houses…the feeling was a bit odd, but as always I told myself, “…Petra, no expectations, let the place reveal itself to you…”

Oh. Boy, he did.

This. Place. Is. Heaven.

Villa Bagus.

The entrance.

The internal garden with pool.

The kitchen.

The cat.

The room, that unfortunately I forgot to take pics of it….

But then there was…. THE BATHROOM.

This definitely was the place for my soul.

We were both just silent and with our eyes wide open and I am pretty sure we definitely forgot to close our mouths.


….both very impressed, we unpacked, showered of course-who wouldn’t, jumped in swimsuits and took a walk to the other side of the island, to spend the day at the beach….

….it was just so peaceful….the island.

We even had a serious storm, with warm rain, that lasted for about half an hour…and so we ate something in the meantime…

After the rain the light is just beyond perfect.

….on our way back, Nives remembered we didn’t have a shampoo and so there it was, a poor little shop, inside one really small family house….

…there she was. 

A little girl, with eyes, sparkling so pure and joyful I just felt her happiness….

…maybe she had 6 years….and her big sister was there too, but she was quiet…so the little girl did all the conversation with me….

I asked her if they have a shampoo and conditioner…you can’t imagine how she was trying to help, how she was eager, talked in her little cute english, how she was looking and talking to me like she knows me, very close and very relaxed….we found it together in that small glass vitrine and I payed and leave her a tip….

…..she wanted to return me the rest but I said, “no, it’s for you…” 

I smiled. 🙂

…suddenly her eyes were so full of honest gratefulness that I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over my body….

When we left, I heard her laughing and she waved bye-bye and thanked me again…..

When you think about how much we have and we almost always take it for granted…then life just sends you moments like this.