Last day on Gilies…

We slept like on feathers…sleeping in this bed in Villa Bagus, was exactly what I needed…except I actually had a feather under my bed. πŸ™‚ It definitely wasn’t from a small bird.

I had the strangest dreams ever and I remembered them even after I was awake, huh, almost like it was real…wrote them down just in case… πŸ˜‰ 

Next thing. Breakfast. Of course.

This was a breakfast first for the sight and than also for my soul. And not to mention a simple fact that I was starving. 

In this Villa there are just 2 boys, who make everything work perfectly. Reception. 24-hour available, breakfast, repairs, pick-up laundry, info, ect…two simple young boys. 

Breakfast was yummy, just watching them prepare it was something to remember.

Check-out was at noon, so we still had some time. We were kind of disappointed on our decision a few days ago, not to book here for at least two days…so we moved…to another bungalow.

Waved bye bye to this charming pearl in the middle of nowhere and went….

We arrived to the next location where the welcome was a bit stoned. πŸ™‚ jup. The guy was high. For me the situation was funny, as he almost couldn’t speak, didn’t know anything and then he wanted to help me with my backpack, as he saw I will carry it, he wanted to hold my camera, I said: “I got this, thank you πŸ™‚ maybe you show us where is our bungalow?” 

He silently agreed.

The road to it was curved, not helping him at all, while searching for our next home. πŸ™‚ …finally we made it. 

It was cute.

πŸ™‚ smiling on the outside….

And on the inside, princess room. 

A mosquito net baldahin….Superb. I already felt like a princess. πŸ˜‰

…he left and we unpacked a little. Nives took a shower, so I said to myself, ok, let me check Lombok for places to stay….I was trying to get on the internet, but the wifi seemed strange, so I decided to go to this stoned receptionist, for explanation…I found him sleeping in one SunBed so hard I couldn’t wake him…ok, I will check reception desk, maybe there is another code written there….

I saved his place from burning to the ground. 

While he was making a check-in on us before, he put a cigarette on a book (!?) and while he walked us to our bungalow, he apparently forgot all about it.

The book was melting under the heat of something that was only moments away from real fire. 

So I grabbed the cigarette, put it on the ground and stepped on it, and took the book on the stone ground as well. Opened a pipe, where you usually wash your feet before entering any terrace, and spilled water all over the book.

Another victory I guess. πŸ™‚

Checked for wifi password, no sign of it of course, so I gave up searching and returned back to our small bungalow. 

Nives cracked the wifi code in the meantime, so we than took our time to check Lombok for places to stay…but the question was, where to go in Lombok? As we couldn’t quite decide, we agreed to go to the beach first and then after we return, we will discuss…deal done.

Let’s go.

This time we went on the side where we arrived with speed boat the other day….

…this side is beautiful, the sea is so vivid azure blue and not so far away you could see little Gili Meno and in the back the big fat Lombok island. Our next destination.

The day was just so calm….

I checked another goal-trying this funny electric-violet-lila dragon fruit. 

The lady who I bought it from was really friendly, as all of the people around, we talked about Gili Meno, about her work,  about coconut oil, what is good for, how she uses and I was convinced. I bought one for me too. I love oils, use it constantly, so this is an investment in my skin, my hair….while she was cutting also a coconut for me, we met again with Zala and  Gregor (the couple I met last year in Thailand on the mountain, very early in the morning) and we agreed to have dinner together tonight…at eight. Cool. See you, enjoy the day!

Smiling from one side of the ear to another, I came back to our “SunBed-terrace”, showed Nives the collection of my hunt and we just enjoyed the colorful “lunch”…

The lady also cut the coconut, after we drank the water out, so we also ate the tasty white meat….this was just perfect.

The perfection of the moment didn’t last long as the storm came, this one wasn’t a joke. Cold and with wind, so we grabbed our stuff and ran to the first place that was opened….

…their tiles were lovely, I must say.

We waited there for the storm to pass, as it lasted for quite some time, an hour minimum, we even had a couple of very loud lightning strikes….and it got colder…

When it ended, or so we thought, we wanted to go back to our bungalow…we didn’t get far, when it began raining again, so we stopped at another restaurant.

We decided it is time for lunch since we are in a restaurant again. πŸ™‚ No biggie for me, I am always ready to eat. πŸ˜‰ hehe…

The view from the terrace was beautiful, the rain and dark sky made a good scenery, also the light was just right…..

After lunch we booked a fast boat to Lombok for the next morning and we than returned to bungalow, took some time for resting from this hard day πŸ˜‰ and decided we will book something in Lombok when we arrive there. We will go to one bar for a good coffee and there we will find something. Ok. Cool…

The dinner we agreed at eight in the evening, and we met at one bar….we than choose another, the one that Zala and Gregor already ate yesterday at and said it was really good. 

And it was! πŸ™‚ 

We talked a lot, shared experiences and we laughed hard as everyone of us had some stupid moment, that happened during travels, but I guess is normal, we all learn from it….

As we leave early (πŸ™ˆagain!) in the morning I suggested after some time, that we slowly go to bed, the trip will be quite long tomorrow…

So we said goodbye and in no time we were already hiding under mosquito net, talked some more, but I think I fell asleep probably while I was trying to explain something to Nives…

Good night dear Gili Meno, it was nice staying here…