Analog Lombok…

The alarm went on at 6am. 

As we will miss their (I am sure delicious) breakfast, I asked them if they have a “take-away-box”? Of course my question was not one of their FAQ, so I received a funny look, but after some explaining, we got 2 bananas each. 😂

Well. I was happy. Better two bananas then me hungry and cranky. 😉

And so we waited….

Our fast (and VERY narrow) boat arrived. I admit I was a bit concerned about it’s stability, but at the end, we all landed safe and sound in Bangsal, the harbor on the north side of Lombok. 

And our final destination? 

Of course east. 

They say the best beaches of Lombok are on the east. 

Our plan: Kuta.

We searched for our connected drive, it was a bit further away in one restaurant…where the guy immediately started selling me ticket for transfer from Kuta back to Bangsal. 

He started with 350.000. I was silent. 300.000 for both of you because you go with me now! I smiled, remained silent…Then after some time I asked him, if included an open date, as we don’t know when we will return? He said yes, of course. He repeated 300.000 but I smiled and said noooo, is too much….after some more of my silence, he said 250.000. Haha, I said, no way, we have a return ticket from Lombok to Bali for that amount. This drive has to be cheaper, give me 200.000 and I take. Noooo madam, that is robbery. 🙂 ok, than nothing…we will find something there….than he was silent. 

Where we waited there was a lot of people already waiting and suddenly one couple arrived, that sounded familiar, they were from Slovenia. 🙂 …we talked a bit and as we didn’t yet had a place to stay, I asked them if we could use their adress in Kuta, just for the driver to let us out somewhere…they didn’t mind and so we went…

Should I mention that the drive was pretty hard, as the seats clearly are not designed for taller people….we both just tried to find our position and somehow managed to survive the two hours of torture. 🙂 …but the road itself was beautiful. The views of the coast, the way people live here, nature….

We took off where the slovenian couple went off, but their accommodation didn’t suit us…

….so we put the backpacks back on and decided to go a bit closer to Kuta beach…plan was, as usual, to find the next bar with the wifi and just book something for the next days….

We were wondering around and there it was. One cute bar…ahhhh, finally. 

Backpacks off. 

Menus in hands, let’s first have a proper breakfast, yes? 

Oh yeah. 

After we ordered, we asked the guy for wifi, but he said, sorry madam, internet not working today on whole Lombok. Some problems. Maybe tomorrow. 


Huh. Ok. Hm…ok. Now, this we sure didn’t expect. 🙂

Ok, asked Nives. What now? 

Nothing. Let’s do it the old analog style. 

First we eat. And then we go. And we see what they offer. And we choose. Simple.

🙂 I trust the universe will give us something beautiful. Of that I was sure.

Finally our “breakfast” was served. 

I think in all Bali, Thailand and all my travels so far, I haven’t eaten anything so bad and tasteless like this…

The only thing that was a definite surprise, after such a good period of extremely good meals, was a boy that came around selling bracelets…he asked us the usual questions, and one of them was, where are you from? 

We said Slovenia…and he said, oh yes, Ljubljana. 

I am sorry, what? 


Oh wow! How do you know this? 

We learn at school all capitals of all countries. We have a teacher from Prague…

Usually people around here maybe guess Slovenia is in Europe. To know our capital city, that was something!

Oh….wow…well this definitely made my day.

We got up soon and began our search for our new home for the days….first one wasn’t appealing, but the second…oh…wau. 

Dream hotel. I am not joking. It was like a dream hotel. The name was just right. 

Bungalows around the pool on the edge of Kuta, near the sea. How about that? 

And room number? 

No.5 of course. 🙂

Happy kiddos unpacked faster than you can imagine, redressed in swimsuits and just took the road to the beach.

There was always a group of kids selling stuff, and their selling procedure looked something like this:

How are you today?

What is your name?

Where are you from?

How long are you here?

Were are you staying?

….and after that questions you became friends and then they just hang around, until you either have to raise the voice a bit, because the usual “No.” isn’t acceptable, or you put them on “ignore” button.

In any case there is so much of them, that after an hour you get a bit tired of constant begging….somehow all you really need is some peace and quiet…but here…nope, not gonna happen. 🙂 

…another test of your patience I guess… 🙂

There was one girl…she said her name is Petra….as I believe there is no coincidence, I asked if I could take a photo of her? She said no at first. Than I said, I give you 2.000 for it. 

Than she smiled…a bit 😉

After some time on that beach we returned back to our hotel, as we both agreed we will get some peace at the pool….and we did….I was nice…

…what about for the evening?

I don’t know for you, but I would go around, eat something nice and maybe go out, as we haven’t had a proper night out yet. 



We found The Mexican in town and this was something. 

One ate burrito and the other ate quesadilla, both were fantastic, as we were both smiling all over our faces…

…and guess what! Their toilet just won the competition in being the coolest one for sure.

We even had a shot of tequila. What? 🙂 …We had to….we were in mexican restaurant after all.

The way back was interesting, a lot of bars all over, one with especially good beat coming out…

Full of people. Of course we had to stop here.

A couple of beers accomplished with a good dj just knocking himself out with beats that definitely made my day.