Potato heads…day no.1

I couldn’t sleep this night….I woke up every half an hour I think….the music from the bars around us was so loud, I barely had any sleep…probably around 4am the music stopped…or I was just dead tired and finally fell asleep…

The morning wasn’t all rise and shiny, I would describe it as “don’t rise and don’t shine and please cover the windows and I want to sleep”…but no. My wish wasn’t heard…

So we got up….hit the breakfast area and we almost had to fight with group of Chinese people for those bites, that they generosity had left us…thank you. πŸ™‚ 

….after all, who needs to eat anyway…

So…we rent a motorbike today, huh? 

Yes, let’s explore the area…

The first renting place had only one scooter, with only left mirror on it. Helmets were destroyed and so I just said, no thank you, we will find another….I am sorry, but I really want to drive a scooter that at least is in one piece. 

We didn’t walk far as one guy offered us one bike, I said, helmets? He said how many? Two. Deal.

Let’s go.

Do you know how to drive? 

πŸ™‚ I smiled. Sure. 

On the left?

Mhm. πŸ™‚ (I will try to remember the drive from Thailand. It should be easy)

I always say yes, and then I figure it out how to do it. πŸ™‚ I bet Nives was convinced, that I am sure of what I am doing. 

Well….to be honest. I just said to myself, I will watch and observe the trafic and I will manage somehow.

And so we went.

Left side. 

The feeling was amazing….the air, the wind…oh..of course. The sun. 

The burning sun.

I stopped in one shadow to put the sun lotion on. If you see a person in Bali or Lombok, stopping almost every hour, that would probably be me, putting lotion on. I am a bit obsessed with this. I really don’t want to be burned and I definitely don’t want to be a potato soon. 

Don’t mind the helmets, we at least almost definitely looked like two potato heads. 

But the drive gave us freedom to explore further, to see more….Tanjung Aan was the first beach on the list.

But first. The entrance ticket to the beach. Ok. No problem. They protect the beach, collect the money for….what? Maintaining the beach clean?

Well. Unfortunately NOT.

The beach was dirty. Covered in trash. I am sorry mr.Lombok, but this is disgusting. Yes. Sure your Tanjung Aan is famous, but this is just not nice….

We went a bit further, we wanted to stay here for a while and give the beach another chance…the feeling of this place was special….I just took some deep breaths and enjoyed the sight. (Ignoring the trash)

Found a cute SunBed at Warung turtle bar and than the waiter, named Geeko (I hope I pronounced it ok?) came along. 

What can I bring you girls?

2 Bintang please…

Oooh, my ladies, you know what Bintang means? 

No, what?

It means a Star! The more you drink it, the more you look like a star. πŸ™‚

Hehe, I liked him. He is a joker.

….I already told you there are so many homeless dogs all around beaches and on this one they looked particularly hungry…I bought myself a coconut and after I finished drinking it’s water, I asked the guy that I bought it from, to cut the meat out for me…I than fed this one cute fellow that was resting in the shadow of our sunbed…he was so scared of taking anything from me…I sensed the fear…..probably they are being maltreated…I also gave him water, dig a hole in sand and created a shape with plastic bag, so he could drink… my gosh he was thirsty…. 😦

….When the waiter came back, he said he will reveal us a secret that no one knows, a mystery that he solved and will now tell only us…oh yeah? And now there will be the three of us knowing this secret? I asked…he said yes, but don’t tell anyone.

Ok. No problemo. πŸ™‚ Your secret is safe with me. Do tell.

Ok. So. You ready?

Mhm. Come on!

Ok. So. You know what came first? Chicken or egg? 

Huh. Nope. Still trying to figure out this one. Nives, you know?

Nope. No idea….

Ok, Geeko, be kind and explain the mystery, so I can finally live on the normal life, this thing just bothers me so much I can’t sleep at night…. πŸ™‚ 

And then he said.

Of course the egg came for breakfast and then you eat chicken for lunch. So egg definitely came first.

Oh. Yes. That’s it. Now I am relieved. πŸ™‚

So there you go. Now you all know. 

This guy was just so full of jokes, he really made my day. He later told us, that he worked for almost a year in Austria, Spain…he just does it to expand his knowledge, his sight….wow…I was happy to see, he is open and wants to know the world….it’s nice to get to know people…he also explained how you could start to work here, how you can start something here and in general, how things are around this places….I really enjoyed the conversation….

…oh and we also bought a pareo…another one. That I am not sure I need, but hey, it’s like shoes, you just can’t have too much of them, right? πŸ™‚

As we wanted to see at least one beach more, we packed our stuff and left the place….

Next beach? Yes. The first one on the left after Kuta…I forgot the name, sorry, maybe also because it was a strange beach….also the road to it was a real challenge, I must admit this was a training of my motorbike-driving-skils…Nives was silent, probably holding her breath that we make it alive from that (I-wouldn’t-call-it) road.

We left the field of holes-that-are-called-the-road behind and soon we were back on asfalt, the “normal” road to the next beach.

Mawun beach.

We arrived, and we didn’t jet put the foot on the ground, there they were, just walking aside us, offering sarongs (ignoring the actual fact that we both had two in our hands), pineapples, sunbeds and so and so and soooo on…

I am sorry guys, but this was just too much for my patience. I payed the guy for sun bed, raised my voice a bit and just asked all of them if there is a chance they leave us in peace? We each have two sarongs, a third one would not make any sense at all, if they agree….and for beer or pineaple sellers? No, thank you. We will buy when we will be thirsty. Ok? Can we agree on this? Is it possible? 

The guy nodded, women left and I think we were named the winners of crankines, as no one approached us till evening.

Well. It all has it’s limits. Mine was reached. 

I went to the ocean to just let it go….Yes, I know….they just want to sell and live out of it, as we all sell something in our lives…but I rather buy from someone less pushy, the pressure usually turns me off.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

….the beach was in fact beautiful…waves were strong, the sound of them was so relaxing, I just wanted to soak them in my memory…

The evening came and so did the cold weather. We went back and after a nice ride back to Kuta, we returned the bike, and remembered we completely forgot about how are we going to leave Lombok tomorrow….to go back to our sweet Bali…

We searched for the flights on the internet and nothing was free for the next day…

Ok. What about now?

…..hm…let me think…Let’s ask at the reception if they can check the flights for tomorrow.

Nope. This was an empty shot. The guy knew nothing. But he pointed us in the direction where supposedly they sell plane tickets. 

Hm. Ok. Our only chance I guess….

Lets go.

Oh yes. We booked the flight. 

Wanna hear at what time the flight was?

You sure?

6.00. In THE morning.

So this means we leave Kuta at 4.00. 

Ok, no biggie, we are used to extreme hours, sometimes we don’t sleep at all also. 

So yes. 

The alarm was set at 3.00.



A. M. πŸ™‚ 

I think we were in bed at nine. 

The rest I don’t remember, probably I fell asleep in a split of a second.