Love at first sight.

The alarm clock went off. 

It was 3 AM. 

I checked the clock, 3AM, yes. 

Oh shit, right, the flight…the driver will be here at 4AM. We got up, washed, got dressed. 

They had a libra in the reception area, so I went there to check my backpack and my carry-on bag, if they maybe gained some weight while traveling.

We were fine. Kilos were almost the same.


Than we waited…such a silent morning. I only saw one frog, silently jumping across the street. And than finally the driver arrived. Took our backpacks and we were on the way.

The airport was very alive, lots of people already traveling…so I had quite a challenge to take a picture without any people on it…

…and as we arrived early we had some time to spend….based on our experience with the airports so far, this was unusual. 🙈 

And so we had a small breakfast and then we moved in the waiting area…surprisingly we both smiled across the face, probably because we go back to Bali, somehow to both of us Lombok wasn’t so special…

We landed, the welcome was beautiful…already on the airport….It felt good. I felt more “at home”.

…parked ourselves in “Starbuksl” and searched for a place to stay. I needed two shots of coffee, just to wake up properly.

And then we searched….But where do we go? Nussa Dua, Canggu or Uluwatu?

I don’t exactly remember why we choose Canggu, but I am so glad we did. 

While we were driving and getting close, streets became colorful, I noticed some nice bars, shops, interios, oh wau…yes, we definitely choose the right place for our last days in Bali.

We arrived to the hotel, with internal pool that somehow wasn’t appealing, although it looked nice. 

The hotel was named Bima Sakti house

We choose the room in the ground level, last one by the pool, from the outside it looked nice…

Maybe this was a mistake.

The room was smelly, because of the humid, some mold was on the wall, a night table was missing on my side, toilet was leaking, each flush let the water out of the toilet also on the ground where you stood while taking a shower or washing your teeth and there were no hangers in the room. 

So. How we survived? 

We used our flip flops in the bathroom, I used trash bin, turned around that was my night-table and I used the TV to hang my towel on to dry. 

We also had a large company of mosquitos in our room for free each night, so the stay here was ridiculous…but ok, I said to myself, I’ve been to worse places, we will manage this. 

In any case we will spend all our time outside, so we only have to bare with this at night.

Retuning back to our arrival to this “beauty”, we unpacked, redressed and just went out to explore the area…

First thing?

Lunch of course. I can’t explore the world on an empty stomach. 🙂

Gypsy Bali.

If I may choose a winner in our travel, this was the one. In all areas.



Staff with such a good energy.


Everything was just perfect.

So Canggu, let’s begin our relationship of our next few days here…

….after an amazing lunch we wanted to see the beach…you could feel the strength of the waves from far away, the sound of their power, I felt such a big respect immediately.


As we walked closer, I noticed again the dogs, but these ones were taking care of, you could see this immediately, by their happy attitude, the way they were playing around, watching the water, gathering and playing together…..I smiled, I felt happy too.

We spent some time here…I couldn’t resist going in water, although it looked quite a challenge…and it was. 

I entered the sea at one point, jumped with waves, playing on them and in no time I was quite far away from the spot where I went in water…so yes, the ocean currents here are very strong. 

There was really a lot of people surfing, so we were enjoying watching them doing their magic on waves…

The sunset came as we were having our beer on the terrace above this beach, it was just so nice to be back in Bali…

We than returned to the room, redressed into something more cosy for the evening and went out, to feel the vibe of the town…

We were hungry again (of course) and it was really hard to choose where to eat as all the places were really so amazing…we ended our evening at Little Flinders…I call them Little Fockers, it was much easier to remember. 😉 🙊

The interior again was eye catching…

…we went on the upper floor where in bathroom I found this sign:

…and then we ordered. 

Oh, my dear. This again was good to die for. 

Meat salad…

….you know the feeling when the food is SOOOO GOOOD  you want to eat it immediately, but is also SOOOO GOOOD you want it to last forever? 

JUP. So you know now how I felt. 

As Gypsy Bali, this place is also a winner. They will share their first place. I don’t care. I couldn’t absolutely choose between them, no chance. 

Ok. Ok. Maybe Gypsy Bali has a better interior…

Oh my gosh this food was good.

Dear Canggu, thank you for this first day, I definitely had an amazing one.