I woke up and my first few seconds were confused…oh wow, this is New York for real. 

We made it. 

Good morning. 


Like crazy. 

….after them good old 3 sunny side eggs I finally felt like human again. 

Ready to rock this town.

We immediately got dressed up and hit the road. We had no trouble finding our Upper Manhattan 181th SubWay station, entered and with this express train we got out under Trumpets tower in a bit les than 20 minutes of ride.

This was my first view:

Melania would be proud of me. Or not. She hardly remembers where her home is anyway…

Anywayz…this was impressive. 

And next?

Coffee of course. We both needed the stuff badly. Where to? 

Haha. Are you kidding? Starbucksl’s of course.

Oh…do you know how the logo of Starbucks was made? ๐Ÿ™Š

Here…chek this out. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™Š

…going back to our coffee. A large something of macchiato with cream. This will hit its purpose. We decided to drink it in peace in Central Park….a perfect way to start our first New York day.

…after some time we decided to just wander around all of the day…no plan…and let’s see what happens…

And so we went…

If you see a person in Bali and Thailand, that constantly puts a sun lotion on, that would probably be me. In New York is basically the same rule. Only ad to it, that the same person is constantly also looking up. 

So if you hit me, I will miss that perfect view-up-shot. So please watch out for me.

This is what I saw while we were approaching the Times Square…

On our way Hard Rock cafe just jumped on us…

…so I dragged Andreja inside with me…oh wow look, The Beatles dresses…

Oh and…Paul McCartney’s guitar….

…oh wow, look…a Hard Rock bag. It was mine. Immediately, without any doubt a shopping move was made. 

And then we passed the Times Square…

….again some beautiful facades happened….

Our next stop was Bryant park….where we rested a bit…and suddenly realized that we were both quite hungry… how about we walk toward Rockefeller’s center, I remember from long time ago, from my first NYC trip, there was a good place to eat down there…

….and so we went. Met some interesting fellas on the way…dragging an angry bird behind or just walking on platforms to feel high….both just being cool.

Lego store was surprisingly also on our way, we couldn’t avoid it, naturally. โ˜บ๏ธ

Their floor…all Yyellowzz. ๐Ÿ’›

Ahhhhh, finally lunch time. 

I don’t know why, but I seem to be hungry all the time. Especially when I travel. 

No. Wait. I am ALWAYS hungry. 

Ah well…let’s admit that food is just M M M. 

I love it, I enjoy it, I just stop the time and I eat. That is my time. So bring me good-tasty-local-very-special-different-food and I am a very happy person. 

[You don’t want to meet me when I am hungry.]

So. We ate. In Rockefeller center. The food was…meh…baygons. Nothing special. 


Soon after we got up and went towards 9/11 memorial place…this is something that was at the end of our road, so yes, let’s go…

The place was…is…filled with sadness, with silence…a special respect is felt in the air….

…..what they created in order to remember all of the dead ones…wow…the water…. just pouring inside those two giant squares…you can feel how life can just vanish….how strong the water is…

Today you are, tomorrow you are gone.


We sat on the stone bench in the park beside memorial area….and we took our moments to just be.

Ok babe, you up for a beer? Mhm. Battery park is down the way, let’s go.

And so we hit the road again. Pier was full of people, crowded like…oh, well yes, saturday afternoon…preparation for the party.

Two of those nice looking beer bottles please.

The view was for free.

….I put both beers in my new Hard Rock big bag and we went to the park…Battery park…to relax a bit…

And we did rest…planned a bit our next day, enjoyed our beer, watched that squirrel jumping around the tree…

….oh..I think the Bull in financial area should be close…should we go and grab his balls? 

Oh yeah. Let’s go!

But then again his ass was far more charming… [Ok, this sounds strange..] 

…..look….is just…that his balls were just to interesting to everyone that crowded around him, so I grabbed that bulls ass and striked a pose.

And the split of a second after, my phones battery went off. 

And that was it for the day.

Roger and out.