Eggs. Of course. What else. The breakfast we decided to have for the rest of our lives…at least here in Nyc.

We than took our usual way up to the underground…we got out on the usual 59th, under Trumpet station, took our usual Starbucksl’s coffe, than as usual sat down in Central Park and of course as usual, we talked about what we will do today. 

Some nice thoughts were just lying randomly in the grass…

UpTown Hop-on Hop-off tour it is.


So we took our phones out, showed the driver the code and went on the bus….it went smoothly…oh cool, this will be easy.

Ohhh, look at this amazing church…

let’s see it also on the inside…

…after the church….it all began. 

The hop-on-hop-off bus mystery…

….the first bus after didn’t want to take us up, the second one as well…the driver never heard of our “supposed-to-be-company-with-fancy-name-that-promised-top-sightseeing-ever”…I told him I will complain, he said, do that! Oh. Ok! I will.

A bit to early to be cranky, but I hadn’t had any other choice…almost. 

The third bus was than again taking us as everything is ok…this is strange…but we didn’t complain. 

We shut our mouths, smiled and ran on upper level of the bus…

Here are some super-duper views from the drive to our first planned destination of the day….Guggenheim…

…..and than…


Frank Lloyd Wright’s curved museum…

Already the flooring was ufff, my thing.

…and the inside? I was happy as a kid on a Christmas morning…

..,my phone battery will not survive this. 

I knew that already when I entered the building. 


And the other parts/corners/paintings/pictures/instalations/views/details/items/stuff? 

I will let pics do all the talking…

…after 3 hours of soaking the art we became hungry. Well. Nothing new about that right? 

We didn’t complicated. 

Let’s eat here. 


And so we entered…


All yyellowzz hallway…I silently screamed out of pure love to yellow. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

…and ALL that followed…well..all I can say is:

…one word: Oh-my-god! 

The interior:




This was the best fcking salmon with avocado and bazillion of yummy stuff around it I ever ate. 

Food porn. Food heaven. You name it. 

You know when something is soooo good you want to eat it in a split of a second, but is also sooooooo good you eat REALLY REALLY slow, so you enjoy it and it lasts really long? Well. That’s it. 

…after I finally came back to this world, I gave the waitress a good tip…this was just beyond. And she was super cool too.

And in the meantime they even recharged my phone. 

I love Guggenheim. 


….and I love my BlackBirdPoet. ๐Ÿ–ค


…so babe. What now? Do we try our chances with the next bus? 

I don’t know…but all fired up as I am after all of this, I don’t mind if we walk to The Met. I remember it is close….

Ok. Walk then. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Met. The Crowd. The Crowd in Art. 

I am pretty sure that ALL art of the world must be gathered under this roof. 

Because we just couldn’t handle it.

…this art, that Greek times, one looooooong hall of ceramics….then 4 rooms of Romans…hallways of Egypt…another biggggggg room only of weapon…and than Byzantinian…and another floor of Mystery art and Religious one…oh and don’t forget about Americas……nope. It was too much. 

We just couldn’t take it.

I think I took 6 pics. Ah. No. 7. 

I took the whole 7 pics. 

Babe. I can’t breathe in this crazy crowd of people and art. Please let’s go. 

Ok, she immediately agreed.

And so we went out. 

It was 4 or 5 p.m., so you can imagine the crowd on the streets….no? Well….it looks like this:

Full of yyellowzz. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Walking would be the smartest choice, but we decided to wait for the bus. Hopefully they will take us…it’s just too hot to walk.

And a looooot of time later the bus arrived. 

And with it a guy who finally cleared our hop-on-hop-off mysterious fails. 

Did I mentioned he talllllllked reallllly slooooooow to us, like we have a mental disorder or something….

You ladies neeeeed to gggggooo to our offffffice in centre of NY where theyyyy will scan this coddddde on the phonnne and theeeeeen you will get the ticketsssss that are goooooooing to geeeeet you on thisssss buuuuuuuses.

Sir. I thank you. 

You saved our future days. 

Madam. You are welcome.


And so we finally understood what to do and why I definitely shouldn’t had been angry of them drivers back then in the morning-in the first place…well…you live and you learn. 

Here is my angry face.

….after we got our official bus tickets, we both agreed we need to reward ourselves with a nice something from our Starbuksls coffee shop.

And we did.

Armed with coffee we than took our time to enjoy the Times Square….the views and the energy here is really amazing.

Dear New York, thank you for the day, just rethink about The Met…

….you know…quantity over quality…?


….should I even mention that we got lost uncountable times trying to find our A-train bach home?