NYC attack day 1.


After all our usual morning routine, the city  was all ours to take. 

I guess we took this very seriously.

Anywayz, we just wanted to see the whole city’s fascinations first.

This one for example…


Our first mission:

Wampire state. Pardon. Empire State Building. 

Up high. 

As like we weren’t high enough from our daily dosage of sugar from Starbuksl’s. 

But first we got lost. Of course. 

I don’t know exactly how we always mess it all up….W and E streets, 5,6,Broadway,7 and 8. Always the same story. We just go. But always in the wrong direction.


Finally we found that damn building, went in, pass the check as we bought online tickets and we knew we have a priority pass…

Oh wow….The insides are all gold…nicely done.

So where was I….oh, thing….sooooo….till the ticket check everything went smoothly.

But then. Well…then we had to return back downstairs. To collect our tickets. Wtf?! Yup. No joke. Shit. 

Repeat the rehearsal.

Ok ladies, go down and when you return, say Diana said you can go through, ok. So you won’t wait. Ok? 

Oh, yes please Diana, thank you Diana.

We ran. Again. And returned passing the looooong line again, Diana said we can.

Finally we were in the elevator. Going up, with simulation of how they built this building. Cool.

And then. The view….all four of the sides of them views. 

Expanding all over the Manhattan…over the rivers…such an amazing views, both with our mouth open, we stared at the building tops, trying to figure out which building is which…beautiful terraces, upper mansions, city’s important buildings, design of facades…

I just enjoyed the moment…

We took a selfie or two…

….and than went inside to check how building was made in just something around 400 days…

Documentation was all there….it was crazy, how they were organized, the planing, the drawings…soooo coool…

Of course the furnishings at the end took the bigest part by amount of money. Beside steel constructions. 

So yup. 

You built everything almost to the end. And than you have to go back to the bank to get almost the same crazy amount of money to just furnish the place. But I must say. It is done nicely. They took care of very last detail.

Oh babe! Today at 2 pm Solar eclipse will happen…we still have time to catch it. Where do we go? 

How about that thin building? Which one? You know…triangle funny looking one…”Iron-something”….like the one in Ljubljana? Yes, but bigger. 😁

Let’s go.

We found our spot…at Flat Iron building….and waited. All waiting with special glasses….only few (including us) without. Just burning our eyes trying to see how the moon will squeeze herself in front of the sun. 

It is thrilling how suddenly everything becomes strange…birds stop to sing, it became windy…you could feel people’s energy, anticipation….

….and there she was. Lady Moon, taking her spot.

We than took a down-town hop-on/hop-off bus to the port….our next thing was lady in green.

Miss Liberty.

And the view of the Manhattan from the water…It was quite different to see it from this side…from far away….and being on the water was good to. With all the wind…just nice.

Miss Green was standing there and I questioned myself, how to make a shot of her, that would be different….

…but I guess it’s not possible, as everyone on this boar has the same standing point. 

I managed to take this…


….after we landed we decided to walk a little bit…back to the city…It was pretty hot, but it felt good. 

Back home, yes?

Oh yeah. 

Home. Shower. Bed. 

All sounded perfect. 

On our way home we talked that tomorrow we could see more. 

….so here it was. 

The plan. MoMA, Madame Tusauds and maybe a night tour with hop-on/hop-off bus….we will see…easy, ok?


good night.