Last day, first day.

Ahhh, it’s been so long since I wrote here.

…and since I am back traveling a bit, I think it’s time to write some.

…this trip is special, different and again I travel by myself after quite some time, while my boyfriend stays at home….well somebody has to take care of our 3 furry monsters right?

So I went.

Turned around for the last time this year and caught the smile.

I admit, I am scared, but excited, full of emotions and yet empty of expectations. Surrendering to whatever this trip brings me.

Oh and by the way, it is a long one too. Almost 3 weeks in Brasil, Maceio to be exact….surrounded by nature, good people and new experience of going even deeper into myself.

So my drive picked me up at one in the afternoon, the drive towards Venice wasn’t special, but I used the time to write wishes to all my closest people.

The same was with the flight to Zürich, quite short and sweet. I ordered my last coffee and than put my headphones on, with music and was so focused on drinking that coffee really slow, that I completely forgot about landing. Lost in my thoughts we landed and as I wasn’t paying attention, I almost had a stroke as the wheels hit the ground. What te f***!? My heart was pounding like crazy. But aside that wake-up slam, the rest was pretty normal.

Next was the wait for my flight to Sao Paolo…I was already very hungry, so I ordered myself a salad with salmon and avocado. The only salad they had in that restaurant.

I got it with all, even the fruits, that I don’t like that much, but of course avocado was missing at this party.

Wait. Ok.

How hard it is to forget about it, it’s one of the main ingredients…he was mentioned even in the name of Losos&Avocado salad.

They said that unfortunately they don’t have it at the moment.

Hm. Right. OK. No worries, I am to hungry anyways.

So I took a deep breath and remembered that I am on my holidays, so, relax, avocado is probably partying someplace else tonight.

Finally the call for boarding to Sao Paolo was announced, I was happy, as this means that in the next year I will wake up in summer time.

The idea about me sleeping throughout this flight… Well. It didn’t happen.Can you imagine how it is to put a stick 2m long in the Mini Cooper car? The same situation is with me, sitting in this super squeezed chairs on airplane. There is no comfortable position to sleep. None.

But again, I somehow managed to adjust to situation, watched a few movies, at midnight I wished “happy and crazy 2020 to all of you my sweet people back home.

By the way. No one was cheerful, not even the pilot. Maybe they assumed that half of the people is sleeping?

Anyways, I was partying on the inside, just a little bit.The morning arrived, food was served and sweets too.

Two more hours and we are in Brasil baby!

I am not sure I get it yet. Probably after I will unpack and shower. Probably when I will be in the middle of nowhere, I will know that I am far far away.

But not yet.

First let’s get lost a million times in the airport of Sao Paolo where exactly one person speaks a little english.[Note to myself. Next language to learn is Portuguese.]

And so thank you Meri again for your prediction of a little chaos in this airport. It was really smart to book a flight with a few hours in between.

Not only they changed the gates once, it was also a bit postponed. I definitely reached my daily goal of 10.000 steps only in this airport.

And finally I was on my last plane, this one to Maceio, my final destination for most of my next days.

With a living-room-like seat.

Yes! Let’s stretch some legs.

After some time they started to move the trolley down the line between seats.

“Koka?” Stewardess asked me…

I stared silently, probably with my mouth open of this soft shock.

After I came back to earth I responded “yes, kokakola please!”

Then she looked at me like I am from the moon and I guessed she didn’t understood me.

So I smiled and humbly repeated her words:”Koka please, obrigado.”

I also got a cookie. [I know exactly what you are thinking, no, it was a normal one, banana and caramel flavored.]

And…Maceio. Finally.

Alleluia, I have arrived.