Interior design is my profession…to travel is my obsession…photography is my passion…fashion… is fashion.

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2 thoughts on “PehTrah ”

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog here when I did a search for Maya Beach in Thailand. I was there in September. You had indicated that you toured with a husband who lost his wedding ring. By chance do you have that person’s information, as I found a wedding ring in the water off shore of the Los Samah Bay side of the island. I’ve searched on-line a number of times in hopes that someone will post that he lost his. Please let me know if you can help. Rob (thevofl @

    1. Hi Rob,
      I had sent you the message but I guess it didn’t go through.

      THANK YOU yes,I remember them, but don’t have the actual contact. I just posted on FB the note, tagged two of them that were with me on that boat and maybe we will found the couple…

      If you want add me to fb, so it will be easier- Petra Duxa Zupancic

      Thank you so much!

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